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Pearl's perfect facial expressions, however, have made her the meme queen of 'Steven Universe'. Here are some of our favorite Pearl memes.

‘Steven Universe’: The best Pearl memes for your quarantine

Steven Universe officially ended on Friday after five seasons, a movie, and an epilogue series. With it, we’ve seen characters grow and change along with the face of animation altered forever. There are some great thinkpieces as to why and how Steven Universe has changed the face of animation. If you’re here, however, then you rather ignore that pain in your heart by laughing away the hours with some memes.

Ah, Pearl. Uptight, prim, multi-faceted, Pearl is probably one of the most nuanced characters to come out of animation in recent years. Her perfect facial expressions, however, have made her the meme queen of Steven Universe. Here are some of our favorite Pearl memes.

1. Meme-ception

What’s funnier than memes? Well memes about the templates that we should use to be making the memes, of course. Nothing quite captures it then this perfect still from Steven Universe: The Movie. Pearl, even in her default state, is clearly nailing those facial expressions.

2. Trying to think of a good joke

Pearl captures those perfect faces again as you try to think of the perfect joke in the group chat in that split second before everyone moves on. 

3. Too bad we didn’t get more Steg

One of the coolest parts of Steven Universe: The Movie is seeing the fusion between Steven and his father Greg. Like, dang, it took us that long to get Steg? And why didn’t he appear again?

4. Why Greg actually lives in the van

Pearl and Greg had a contentious and awkward relationship for a good chunk of the series. Greg also lives in a van. While it’s a personal choice, this meme is just too perfect and, honestly, makes a lot of sense.

5. Salt Pearl

Pearl can be pretty salty all things considered. While she grew out of that over time, we still get the excellent “salt pearl”, meaning we put a star and her hair on a salt shaker.

6. Pearl knows everything

As it turns out because Pearl is a Pearl, she really did know everything in Steven Universe. At least, she knew everything when it came to Rose Quartz. 

7. Queen of the flirt

Finally, we have some moves that proves that Pearl is truly the Queen of the flirt game amongst the Crystal Gems.

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