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There are many different brands of humor, and our personal favorites are weird online reviews. Here are hilarious Yelp reviews only a Karen could write.

Spot the Karen: Intense Yelp reviews only she could write

There are many different brands of humor, and one of our personal favorites is weird online reviews. Yelp is a hot bed for this kind of entertainment, and the Karen archetype delivers with dramatic and strange reviews regularly – whether it’s saying things which are seemingly made up, or being incredibly dramatic.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite reviews that were most definitely left by a Karen, because nobody else can write such scathing and odd reviews as she can.

This dive bar is a dive!

Why do we get the feeling they didn’t let her in because she acted like a Karen the last time she was there? Also, we absolutely love that this Karen was apparently willing to come back after this supposed rat incident.

Sometimes you gotta have fun

We’re willing to be it was just the two guys who were already on their fifteen-minute break.

It’s called being considerate

First of all Karen, why did you and all of your children need to answer the door just to accept a package?

It’s . . . you were . . . that’s glamping Karen

National Parks are about conservation and nature – of course they didn’t have a spa and golf course.

You’re not their only customer

While they “lost” sales due to your lack of presence, odds are they gained that back and more with other customers who aren’t crazy.

Raw sushi

Keyboard smashing isn’t professional of us, so just imagine us making incoherent confusion noises.

She called the manager

This Yelp review will haunt us for days. She loved the food and will never return because the manager had a job to do.

Haircut woes

You cried because your hairstylist was good at her job? Hun, they don’t dye your gray roots unless you ask.

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