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Sound Artist – Jing Dong

Jing Dong is a multi-media artist and software engineer currently based in Los Angeles, California. She received her MFA in Art and Technology/Integrated Media from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2021. She is the co-founder of Fem Art + Technology and are working as a software engineer at a leading technology company.

JingI has explored the concept of computational aesthetics, posthuman, autonomy systems, and interaction innovation in recent years. She has attended the exhibition of Ars electronica, re: connections, JACCC Release: Heard in LA Exhibition, Digital Future, Coaxialarts Art + Technology, etc. Her art practice includes interactive installations, sound-visual experiences, software systems, and artificial intelligence art. Driven by her full and unconditional embrace of the present moment as an artist and software engineer, she creates art that purposefully raises questions about the ways in which technology currently and potentially affects our relationship with the world as well as the ways in which the intertwining of art and technology can become more relevant and socially responsible.

Material sound is sound sculptures Jing created in 2020. She questions the relationship between technology and nature. She was try to capture the fluidity of images of natural objects and use algorithms to generate sound. The audience can interact with the cd Box by moving the installation.

All materials are constantly changing and moving. Life is like a complex set of materials, containing the algorithms of nature and chance. They remain in a state of infinite and constant self-healing at the microscopic level and are forever in motion.


Check out more of Jing’s works on her website.

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