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If you want a good night's sleep, you should probably consider buying the best mattress for your buck and your sleep needs. Catch some zzzs with Endy today!

What makes the Endy mattress unique

Endy is a Canadian company. who makes one of the best mattresses in Canada and the most popular online mattress.

Endy is the first Canadian mattress brand who received this certification, distinguished the Endy mattress as the safest choice for Canadian people.

The uniqueness of the mattress is that it is made up of open-cell polyfoam. It provides comfortable sleep.

It also controls sleep temperature and relieves pressure. The Endy mattress has a streamlined design. If you’re looking for more detailed review check it on trendliff.

How Endy Construction Make it’s a Unique?

The Endy mattress measured 10 in height, and the features of three layers of memory foam, poly foam and high density polyfoam. 

It’s straightforward construction, one intends to create a medium-firm feel for a mix of both pressure relief and support.

Memory foam (Comfort layer) of endy mattress :

The comfort layer consists of the company’s proprietary Endy foam, an open cell memory foam  design for cooling and pressure relief.

Pushing off the construction with this material allows for some sudden, cozy comfort as the sleeper sinks into the bed.

It’s worth noting that the open cell nature of the layer helps to reduce overheating tendencies seen in even the best memory foam mattress.

Polyfoam  ( transition layer) of Endy mattress:

This layered material is a bit firmer than the one above it, allowing the sleeper to slowly transition from the gentle comfort layer into the base.

This layer also helps to prevent the sinking of the body.

High density layer  (base) of Endy mattress:

Rounding out construction is a base layer of high-density polyfoam, which gives the bed its stability and shape.

Is Endy Have Unique Firmness?

We know all the uniqueness of construction and features and let’s figure out the uniqueness of how this bed feels, starting with firmness.

Everyone feels a little bit different. It depends on your body size, shape and weight. 

We found from some research and test that the firmness of the mattress is 6, which is perfect with the industry standard for medium firmness.

It is a mix of polyfoam and memory foam to create a nice medium-firm feel.

 While you are likely to experience some slight contouring as you sink into the top comfort layer, the transition section of polyfoam helps to lift the sleeper up and out of the structure, making it super easy to change the position.

This tells me the Endy mattress could be the best choice for a couple and anyone else.while one side sleepers  movement does not feel the other side sleeper. 

It is also good for strick position sleeper, what I mean is that those who doze primarily in one position be it side stomach, or back may feel as though the firm support of the mattress causes their body to dig into the structure slightly.


Uniqueness of pressure relief in Endy

We test the mattress and know how it relieves pressure from your hips, shoulder, lower back and other sensitive parts of the body.



When you lay down on the bed and stretch your back. you feel pretty comfortable as you sink into the top sheet of soft foam. 

Though you could feel this material filling in space at your lumbar spine region, for some nice pressure relief. You did not feel that you were stuck in the mattress.

That means when you want to change the position easily.


When you sleep on your side you feel some pressure build up at your shoulder and you touch in the firmness section, the dense polyfoam in the Endy mattress doesn’t allow for very much body contouring, which puts pressure on your shoulder.

That being said, people searching specifically for a mattress for side sleepers should probably look for a softer bed, though combo sleepers switch between their side and another position will probably be fine.


When you sleep on your stomach. You felt though the Endy mattress did a great job of lifting your hips in alignment with your shoulders.

This builds a nice, even along your spine, though you should note that the mattress is a bit too soft for a strict stomach sleeper.

Uniqueness of Endy cover mattress:

The Endy mattress is easily removable and machine washable. Endy cover protects both water-resistant and temperature regulating so you can stay cool and comfortable sleeping on an Endy mattress.

Uniqueness of Endy vs other brands:

Endy vs Casper:

Both mattresses are good and all foam beds in a box mattress but you prefer one over the other depending  on your sleeping position and body type. 

Hot sleepers could prefer an Endy mattress because Endy mattress is a bit more cooling than Casper.

For combo sleepers might prefer an Endy mattress , it is more responsive then the casper , which makes it easy to change the position .


For budget shoppers Endy is the best choice because it’s less expensive than Casper.

Endy vs Douglas:

Endy mattress is more comfortable  for average and lightweight sleepers than Douglas mattress.

Endy mattress is best choice for couples .Endy mattress has removable mattress cover and Douglass mattress didn’t have this feature.

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