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Shopping on Cyber Monday and Black Friday can be extremely difficult. Here are some shopping tricks to make the process smoother.

10 Shopping Tricks for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

If you are curious to snap a list of smart shopping tricks for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale,  then you are at the right place. As both these events start immediately one after another, a large percentage eventually gets confused to trace the basic difference between these two.

Hence, before sliding inside the rip roaring description of shopping hacks it’s better to infer the basic difference of these two events, which generally rolls on 3 or 4th week of each November keeping a gap of 1-2 days in between. The Black Friday sale starts immediately after Thanksgiving day and welcomes the festive season. The main imperative of this sale is allowing a budget saving deal on large appliances, clothes, house decor etc. This year the date of this sale would be Friday, November 26. Whereas the Cyber Monday sale is more confined to selling small gadget events at greatest discounts and cashback offers. This year, it comes on November 29. 

Although both these days are remarkably impressive in terms of availing super budget savings offers, their genres are different. While Black Friday sale focuses on big appliances namely TV, laptop, smart speaker along with other categories Cyber Monday is focused on small and smart deals. Therefore, you must not confuse your necessities before sipping inside the sale events and come back defeated. 

As you know, there are still 2-3 months trapped in between before the events starts for the year yet you may get yourself updated regarding top 10 shopping hacks in order to avoid last minute rush. Here are these described one by one.

  1. Get yourself updated about the genre of both events

The very first and foremost thing you have to ensure is being updated about the core of these events in order to redeem maximum benefits. While Black Friday is more an all-rounder event on vibrant categories Cyber Monday is strictly on small device sales namely, coffee maker, gaming consoles, power bank, bluetooth speaker etc. 

Hence, you must be affirmed with your desire and need. For example, if you need a smart TV, you will be more benefited on Black Friday. Similarly, if you are in search of a pair of winter jackets, scouting for a budget offer on Cyber Monday sale would be worthless.

  1. Make the list prior

In order to avoid last minute hustle bustle and finally being unfortunate to miss one after another offer, you get the list in your hand before the event starts and put these into your cart. 

If it’s a mix of household needs, apparels along with a new appliance then push these for the Black Friday wheres, a complete gadget specific list would fully be cherished on Cyber Monday sale.

  1. Segregate the stores /sites

This one is very crucial to follow, because lots of stores highly vary with discounts for both these events. While top sites for Black Friday events are Macys, Amazon, JcPenney, Pep Boys, Walmart, Kohls, Levies and other big e-retailers, For Cyber Monday, these are Amazon wireless, Best Buy, Gap, Banana Republic, Target and so on.

Albeit, some stores do change the discount percentage but majority of these do. However, with this you should also know at Black Friday event, variations of discounts are often larger as it immersifies both online and in-store discounts.

  1. Prefer app or website based shopping

This one is to save your precious time and push your counter of profit to one step ahead as you may lose some time framed alluring offers in the meantime of commuting. So, stay tuned to apps or websites.

However, it’s truly impossible to download tons of shopping apps for the sake of maximum discount. However, you can easily solve the problem. Download a chrome extension that amalgamates latest coupons or pricing saving offers from popular stores, which in other ways keep you updated about all other details of such events and when these would start from a distinct website. Some of these popular extensions are Tada, Honey, BeFrugal etc.

  1. Know the timing of event

That’s very essential to be aware of. While most price drop alerts start right after midnight in case of Cyber Monday sale, it differs significantly for Black Friday. Because lots of stores have separate timing of starting. For example, salling events from ‘R’ and Walmart start onwards from Thanksgiving sale from 9 and 10 AM respectively. Banana Republic, Best Buy, Kohls, Old Navy start from 12:00 AM, Macy’s, Micahels alarm at 4 AM, Academy sports, Sams Club at 5 AM and Costco which is last in the sale opening row, starts at 9AM. So, stay tuned regarding their timings.

  1. Look for loyalty points

Lots of sites offer enticing loyalty programs in these events. Top of these are Instacart, Amazon, Dollar general, Grubhub etc. On this sale you can carry out the best advantage of the. In general 1 loyalty point pair with 1 dollar. So, as many purchases as you accomplish, the weight of loyalty points would be heavier. You can use these then or afterwards.

  1. Figure Out your distinct need: budget saving or cash back?

This is one of the valid questions you must ask yourself. Because, lots of times, it’s been observed that even after a worthy shopping experience, users feel a void of incompleteness. This occurs due to lack of clearance; what do they actually want from shopping? 

However, you must know a shopping benefit is of two types; cash back and budget saver. Choose according to your needs. If you lean more on budget saving deals, Black Friday sale would be the one, where it just mirrors for cyber monday sale. 

  1. Search additional offers

This could be a special membership plan, a free shipping on all orders, or a special discount on gift card or credit card or a Buy now Pay later option and vice-versa. Sites like Amazon and Walmart rell out salient opportunities at the time of these events. You must be aware of such benefits in order to get extra benefits.

  1. Carry out a little research on popular stores

This is really painstaking as compared to other options but when a rail of enticing budget saving opportunities allure you next door, then it’s worth putting the effort into it. However, you can carry out a basic research of popular stores that are more cherished in terms of offers and extra benefits, on those days. You can go through past records for this sake. Read previous year’s data, decipher their performance on these events and finally get ready with the shopping list. By this method, you almost have no possibility of counting loss after your purchase.

  1. Impart your appliance need

This is very straightforward, although I’m sure you know about it. As you can redeem a minimum of 60-70% discount on large electronic appliances namely fridge, washing machine, computer etc on Black Friday sale put these separate for the event only. While small electronics such as vacuum cleaner, microover, sandwich maker are upto vigorous sale on Cyber Monday at least with 50-60% off, you know how to deal with these. 

So, I hope these 10 smart hacks will come to your help in the best ways they can, so read the article one or two weeks prior to the events. Happy shopping! 

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