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In these dark times, it’s almost impossible to shock our systems with regular old memes. Here are some shocking dark humor memes.

Add some shock humor to your group chat with these dark memes

In these dark times, it’s almost impossible to shock our systems with regular old memes. 2020 has beaten the light humor out of us and turned our attention to more unsavory themes. And of course, by unsavory themes, we’re talking unsavory memes. 

Let’s face it, the smirk of satisfaction we get from shocking our friends into a bout of LOLs on the group chat is one of the few joys we have left. One can never get enough memes in their life, so buckle up for this collection of memes featuring shock humor. You’ll want to laugh so much you won’t mind that your ticket to Hell comes with it. Enjoy. 

Shock humor 

What? A little too on the nose? 

Dating during the ‘rona 

It’s kind of hard to get it on when you’ve got to worry about catching the Rona in addition to STDs. 


It might take a moment for you to get this one, but when you do, you’ll laugh and then feel real bad for laughing. 

Decisions, decisions 

Didn’t take you long to make that one. 

Sorry Batman 

We didn’t mean to laugh. It’s just that your emotional isolation was hilarious in this instance. 

When the plot twist never arrives 

Hey, man. We warned you we’d send you to Hell with this batch of memes. 

A shocking proposal 

Read the room, Frank. Sheesh. 

Unexpected discrimination 

Well, he’s not wrong. The fine print doesn’t include “no discrimination on the basis of family size.” 

Broke never felt so bad 

Let’s hope no doctors are breaking the news of having COVID-19 this way. 

Alright, that’s all for now. Go get the rest of your dark meme fix elsewhere, ‘ya sickos. 😜

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