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Taylor Swift is a household name? That's an understatement. But How many of her hits got her there? Take a look at our top!

Here are all the reasons Taylor Swift is a sexy icon for the ages

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful singers in the world today, but she’s also well known for her sense of style and fashion. Over the years, she has been able to use her fashion choices to show off and flaunt her sex appeal. 

Here are some of the times when Taylor Swift has been at her sexiest:

Onstage outfits

One of the places where Taylor Swift is often seen as sexy is on stage. She has a knack for choosing outfits that really accentuate her figure and make her look amazing. Her red carpet looks have become iconic over the years, and she’s always willing to take risks with them in order to show off her body and sense of style. 

For example, she wore a shimmery pink dress in 2019 that showed off just enough skin while still being modest.

Music videos

Music videos can be an excellent way to show off an artist’s style, and Taylor Swift has used them multiple times to do just that. She was particularly sexy during “Blank Space” which featured a leather jumpsuit with cutouts along the sides, as well as during “Look What You Made Me Do” which saw her wearing a tight sequin dress with thigh-high boots.

Social media pictures

While social media isn’t always the best place for someone to show off their sex appeal (since it can be too easy to come across as desperate or uncomfortable), Taylor Swift often uses it perfectly. She tends to favor more elegant yet still revealing dresses that highlight all of her features without making it feel like she’s trying too hard. 

One of our favorites was a beautiful white gown she wore in 2016 which showcased both cleavage and leg in an understated yet sexy way!

Magazine shoots

Taylor Swift is no stranger to magazine covers – whether for regular magazines like Vogue or more specialized publications like Rolling Stone or Maxim. During these photo shoots, she puts together sexy outfits that hug every curve perfectly without making it seem like it’s forced or fake-looking. 

In fact, some of our personal favorite looks from these shoots include sexy mini-dresses paired with sky-high heels!

Red carpet appearances

When it comes to red carpets, there are few better than Taylor Swift for showing off your physique in a tasteful yet seductive manner. Whether it’s something as simple as a little black dress or a see-through patterned number – every single outfit makes sure that all eyes are on her when she steps out onto any given red carpet!

Concerts & tours

Finally, we can’t forget about all those times during concerts and tours when Taylor Swift truly left us breathless – literally! From skimpy shorts paired with thigh-high boots all the way up to stunning floor-length gowns – this singer knows how to put together an outfit that shows everyone just how sexy she can be!

It should come as no surprise then why many people consider Taylor Swift one of the most attractive celebrities around – from onstage performances all the way down red carpets – she has proven time and time again why she deserves such accolades!

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