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Yay, it’s spring break! Oh, wait . . . now it’s summer break? That was fast. Here are the most relatable memes for school.

“School’s out for summer! School’s out forever?” Celebrate with memes

Yay, it’s spring break! Oh, wait . . . now it’s summer break? That was fast. With the seasons changing outside our window while we’re stuck inside, it might be easy to forget it’s June. To make sure you don’t fall victim to “summertime sadness”, we’ve searched far & wide for our favorite summer memes.

Spooky season is the best season

What’s not to enjoy about fall? Leaves are crunching, pumpkins are carved, and horror movies are scarring kids whose parents ignored the R-rating. It’s pure bliss.

Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru. . .

We all have that one kid every year . . . so annoying.

It’s not just Australia, it’s Texas & Arizona too

If you’ve never cooked a pizza on your dashboard, you’ve never truly lived. And we stand by that.

We always knew something was up with Australia

Can Australia just be normal for once? Please?

Winter bod > Summer bod

After months of eating cookies, turkey, and pie it’s okay to have an extra fat roll . . . or three.

That’s why you jump around

Just jump as far as you can until you reach the wet sand. It works every time.

No need for a summer bod anymore

After staying home for so long, it might not be a bad thing that we’ll be wearing hazmat suits.

Walking on sunshine

Or . . . the heat from it at least. You just have to run as fast as you can – and don’t look back.

Don’t give us hope . . .

Hey Siri. Are masks waterproof?

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