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“Unholy”: Prepare for your next Karaoke night by learning all the lyrics

Is it just us or are Karaoke nights undervalued? Think of it, karaokes are definitely an activity that would merge the entire party. Sometimes we’re so burned out, dissociated, and distracted with technology that we don’t get to actually coexist with others, which is why some dynamics can help. That’s what happens with theme parties, they somehow involve the feeling of community and they’re extra fun! 

Depending on fundamental factors like age & sexual orientation you’ll have some musts on your karaoke list. While songs like “Baby” by Justin Bieber or “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga can seem nostalgic now, there would be a time when TikTok songs would seem old. Is that the sign to make a song part of a karaoke list? Will Sam Smith’s new musical theme “Unholy” be part of it? 

The singer has received several insults due to his most recent release, which has been quite controversial. But why? We’ll take a closer look at Smith’s recent song for you to determine if it’s worthy of your karaoke list. Nonetheless, it was worthy of a Grammy for best pop vocal collaboration of the year which should mean something right? Is Smith’s song with Kim Petras unholy? 

Is Sam Smith “Unholy”?

In the last year Sam Smith has become a controversial figure, but why? They declared themselves as non-binary in 2017, and have experienced numerous insults  & harassment since. Although he’s not the only public figure in the music industry coming out as nonbinary, he’s definitely one of the most attacked ones. But does any of it have to do with his latest song? We’ll analyze the whole situation part by part. 

Sam Smith has been called “groomer” & “pedophile” while walking in the streets of New York City. According to an interview the artist gave to Apple music, one person even spits on him on public roads. But where do these particular insults come from? According to some radical right-winged believers, the LGBTQ+ community “grooms” children towards “gender ideology” just by existing and being visible. 

None of us is a saint, yet, apparently, there are no other reasons for Smith to be called under all those horrible insults further than being openly non-binary. Is sad to think that these insults get visible because it’s a public figure we’re talking about, yet, the whole LGBT+ community still goes through violence every day. Anyway, none of these has stopped Smith from being visible, queer, and loud. 

Five days ago they presented with a stunning look at the Grammys & Brit Awards galas. Nonetheless, they’ve been under the hate spotlight again since then. The truth is his last song might not be politically correct for many since it talks about cheating and uses parenting roles as a fetish. But art isn’t meant to be politically correct, the only unholy here is the violence they’ve received out of hate discourses. 

The importance of visibility 

All violence regarding Sam Smith has only made evident how important it still is to dignify queer identities. Although several Netflix shows count on LGBT+ characters and pinkwashing comes every June “representing” diversity, the truth is there’s still a lot of hard work to do. And we’re not looking for queer artists to be on a pedestal, all we’re saying is there is still a lot of unjustified violence regarding these identities. 

The good thing is that queer & nonbinary artists are getting more success each time. Aside from its Grammy, the song “Unholy” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list. This achievement is important since we’re talking about the first song by a non-binary artist & a transgender person to achieve this particular recognition. Hate will probably stop existing, but neither nonbinary identities succeed. 

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