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The Superbowl just passed, but many kept wondering how much an NFL player earns. How big is Russel Wilson’s net worth as an NFL quarterback?

Football fortune: What exactly is Russel Wilson’s net worth?

Many people wonder about celebrity net worth, but you don’t think wealth is red carpet exclusive right? In fact, several rich celebrities have made their fortunes through different means other than movies & music. What about an athlete’s net worth? There are people who wouldn’t consider an athletic career under the belief that its expiration time is relatively short, but what if you triumph?

The Superbowl just passed, but many kept wondering how much an NFL player earns. Let’s take Russel Wilson’s net worth as an example. Russel Wilson is an American football quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. He started as many do, playing college football in 2008, and now several million stands on his net worth. 

Life & career 

Russel Wilson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year of 1988. However, the athlete grew up in Richmond, Virginia. His parents were far from the sports world professionally. His father, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III was a lawyer & his mother, Tammy Wilson was a nurse director. Nevertheless, his parents were key to Russel’s development as a professional athlete. 

By age four, Wilson started playing football with his father & siblings. By sixth grade, he played his first organized game for the youth football team of the Tuckahoe Tomahawks. Even though Wilson’s parents weren’t directly involved in football, some athletic heritage hangs on his family tree. Apparently, Russel Wilson’s paternal grandfather played football & basketball at Kentucky State University. 

Despite Wilson’s father being a lawyer, he played football & baseball at Dartmouth and was a receiver for the San Diego Chargers. Also, Wilson’s brother Harry played football & baseball at the University of Richmond. If it weren’t enough, his sister Anna played basketball for Stanford. There’s definitely something running through the Wilson genetics besides support. 

Russel Wilson knew what he was good at from a young age. In 2005, as a junior, Wilson threw 3,287 passing yards, forty passing touchdowns, and rushed for 635 rushing yards and fifteen rushing touchdowns. In high school, Wilson attended a football clinic named Manning Passing Academy where he met the NFL MVP winner Peyton Manning. 

Wilson started being recognized from a young age with names like “all-district” & “all-state player”. He was also named twice “The Richmond Times-Dispatch Player of the Year”. But further the nicknames, Wilson received important football scholarships from Universities like Duke & North Carolina State University, where he ended up studying. 

By 2007, Wilson was playing at the NC State Wolfpack football team in order to keep his scholarship, till he joined the Seattle Seahawks in 2012. Wilson’s story is interesting and full of support, but how has he succeeded economically? What’s Russel Wilson’s net worth? 

Net worth

Wilson’s net worth is estimated to be around $135 million. By this point in his career, as quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, his base NFL salary reaches $35 million. He’s currently the highest-paid quarterback, from a per-season earning point of view. Wilson has been named to seven ProBowls and appeared in two Superbowls to date, winning one in 2014. 

Through seven seasons, Wilson has held the record for most wins by an NFL quarterback, becoming one of two quarterbacks with a career passing rate over 100. Only between 2018 & 2019 did Wilson earn $90 million from several endeavors. 

Wilson is a devoted Christian who openly talks about his faith in God through social media, and how to be grateful when having such a net worth. However, the athlete shares a good part of his earnings, through years Wilson has shown to be a socially committed activist for several causes with his wife, singer Ciara. 

During days off from the NFL season, Wilson visits Children at the Seattle Hospital, he has also visited the soldiers at local military bases. Wilson’s active as well in the Seattle philanthropic community & the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association, where he’s an ambassador. 

Still, Wilson hosts an annual charity golf tournament in collaboration with NASCAR and has partnered with Food Lifeline during the Covid-19 to donate meals. Not everyone shares their time & net worth like Wilson does, and that’s something the athlete should be recognized for too. 

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