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Rudy Giuliani is back in the news for another unsuccessful press conference turning him into a meme on Twitter. Check out the best ones here.

Rudy Giuliani’s runny dye job: Laugh at all the best Twitter reactions

The Trump campaign is on a streak this month with unfortunate missteps at press conferences. First, it was the Four Seasons Total Landscaping situation. Now, Rudy Giuliani was sweating so hard hair dye was running down his face, according to Twitter.

Of course, not even Twitter is 100% sure if it was hair dye or something else running down his face. Rudy Giuliani has yet to confirm what the mysterious brown substance running down the side of his face was. Lucky for us, Twitter ran with the meme material. We’ve gathered up the best tweets about Giuliani’s mishap for you to enjoy. 

The mystery is solved

All the dye Trump uses for his hair is the reason his skin tends to be orange-like. 

Needs a new stylist

Clearly, Rudy Giuliani needs to take a lesson from beauty Twitter so he can make sure the dye isn’t ruining another press conference. 

2020 is absolutely no one’s year

Anyone on Twitter already knows 2020 is an awful year, but Rudy Giuliani’s recent gaffs prove it really isn’t his year. 

Worst pun of 2020

Congrats John Pavlovitz, you literally made the worst year of all time worse by making this pun. 

When the Daily Mail makes sense, you know it’s bad

Seriously, anyone in the UK can confirm the Daily Mail never makes sense, so this is a big deal.

A little too perfect

The fact it was brown liquid makes the joke range even bigger for Twitter comedians. 

The actual worst pun of 2020

We apologize to John Pavlovitz, because he is now in second place in comparison to John Sargeant for the worst pun of 2020.

Every reporter during the conference

It’s hard to pay attention to a subject you don’t care about when Rudy Giuliani is sweating his hair dry. 

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