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Want to woo someone? These are the best date movies to watch together during an evening of movie watching and chill.

7 great movies for a romantic date with a girl

How long ago did you arrange a real romantic date for your girlfriend or wife? If you can’t remember, believe, the upcoming weekend is the best time. Buy wine, flowers, light candles, and suggest watching movies. Delight your soulmate.

If you are still single, don’t despair, the platform is full of beautiful girls and women with whom it will be nice to spend the evening watching a movie and not only.

A romantic rendezvous is a responsible event. To be sure of the right atmosphere of the evening, in no case should you be mistaken with the choice of film. To minimize your risks, we watched a bunch of sentimental films and selected the top seven.

#1 Chick-flick: I am Love (2009, Italy)

The mother of three children and the wife of the head of an ancient family, Emma feels that something is missing in her marriage. She finds this missing “something” when her son introduces her to his friend Antonio, with whom he is going to start a joint business. Emma falls in love with a young man and begins a piquant affair with him. The inimitable Tilda Swinton stars in the film.

#2 Thriller: Black Angel (2002, Italy)

Venice, the 40s. The main character finds herself in an unhappy marriage with a high-ranking fascist official. In pursuit of the thrill, the woman enters into a dangerous and self-destructive relationship with a two-faced and treacherous SS officer.

#3 Romantic Comedy: Goodbye, Baby (1988, Italy)

A married couple decides to spend the holidays on the island of Mauritius, not even suspecting what tests their relationship will undergo in this piece of paradise. Both husband and wife will have to face artful seduction. And now, after mutual betrayal, their marriage is hanging by a thread.

#4 Drama: Great Beauty (2013, Italy/France)

The focus of attention is a gentleman, disillusioned with life and the surrounding society, Jep Gambardella. Against the backdrop of a hot Roman summer, there are the stories of his past love and what is left in the present unfold — empty romances with beautiful soulless models.

#5 Detective Drama: Stealing Beauty (1995, Italy/UK)

Tuscany, kissed by the hot sun, finds a young and beautiful American woman who has come to rest in complete disarray. The girl’s mother recently committed suicide, admirers appear from every side, the aging playwright shows persevering attention to her, and the girl’s mind is disturbed by a riddle left in her mother’s diary.

#6 Detective Drama: Strange Crime (2004, Italy/France)

One single night with the fatal beauty Mila was not supposed to turn the life of the famous writer Serge upside down. He has a happy family with his wife and son, and they don’t have to find out about his passionate night of love with Mila. However, life makes its own adjustments — and to Serge’s dismay, the beautiful stranger turns out to be none other than the bride of his son.

#7 Historical Drama: Decameron (2015, Italy/France)

Plague-ridden Florence. Youth seeking refuge from death in the countryside. Bored, young people begin to share stories of their sexual experiences and love affairs.

Make your choice and have a nice movie night with your soulmate!

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