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Rising above Hate Since Day One – Mazayah Legend Andrews

As they say, If people are trying to bring you down, it definitely means that you’re already above them, and this is what Mazayah Legend Andrews believes in. People may only see the bright side of fame and success but they don’t know how much of unnecessary hatred people throw on one’s family just because of their own incompetency. Putting your life in front of the world is not everyone’s cup of tea as it can bring a lot of hate towards you and your family. One thing that has remained constant in Mazayah’s life is that regardless of all those ill feelings he stayed strong, he kept his head down in humility but his work was rising above all the hatred people threw on him. One thing that was very clear in his mind that it doesn’t matter if people are talking crap behind your back but what matters is that no one does it on his face.


One of the biggest reasons of online trolling or bullying is that Mazayah has single handily broken the barricades known as stereotypes of Polygamy relationship. Not only he has 4 wives but countless of successful businesses that they built together by putting in hours and hours of hard work and restless nights. As it’s not a surprise anymore that Mazayah brought his 4th wife Dezaray Carrera in front of the whole world and as there were countless of best wishes from his fans, their were negative messages as well but who else know it how to handle all this better than Mazayah himself. He has always proven people wrong by nothing but his success.


Although millions and millions of people across the world are in consensual polyamorous relationships, there’s still a significant misunderstanding of what polyamory means and what these relationships entail. And this misunderstanding often leads to stigma, a negative or discriminatory attitude against people in these types of relationships. The biggest issue in today’s world is that people don’t like to understand, they listen to answer but not to understand one’s point of view. Mazayah and his 4 wives has motivated countless of couples throughout the world as they witnessed how successful a polyamorous relationships can be. Not only you get to spend quality time with multiple people but you get multiple people’s creativity as well that can lead to build an empire with generational wealth.

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