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Report on Growing Cost of Fashion Items from Asif Ali Gohar

As the latest updates for cost-of-living increases are considered, there is a section that offers insight into the increasing cost of fashion. This includes the increased cost to consumers, but also the cost of materials and energy that is needed to make the items, and the way that it is affecting the environmental costs as well. We have talked with Asif Ali Gohar about this subject. 

What are your feelings on the growing cost of fashion items?

I feel that while the increasing costs may lead to people having fewer fashion items, that limitation may encourage them to invest in a few good pieces that are more versatile and will last longer than others. It may assist in a shift from the quantity of clothing that people have been collecting and instead create a focus on high quality items. While increasing costs are hard for everyone at each step of the way, not only to the end consumer, but it may also benefit the environment and the way in which we consider our purchases in a positive manner. Fewer disposable items and more high-quality items will be a better use of resources for each step in the process. People will find themselves being more mindful in their purchases and doing less impulse shopping.

After reading the most recent reports and studies how do you feel the problem can best be addressed?

Addressing waste and improving versatility and recycling options can help to face the problem. If an item is more versatile it will be used more often and will result in fewer items being needed. By purchasing fewer items, consumers will ultimately spend less and enjoy their space more. It can create less clutter and making it easier and faster to get ready each day when there are fewer choices to make, and each item is valued.
Addressing shipping and transportation can also help. Items that are made and sold in a closer proximity will cost less, and this will allow for more flexibility in pricing. Costs for raw materials and for the end sale price will always be an issue, and prices will go up and down often, but shifting the focus to more high quality and fewer disposable items will serve many people more. It will also become necessary though to reduce shipping costs and find ways to control the pricing being passed down to the end consumer on affordable items, as there need to be affordable options for low-income people. When looking for ways to reduce costs, shipping and waste are the key places to begin. Less waste means more of the items are being used, and therefore demand will decrease, and costs will lower as well. 

Do you feel there will be large shifts within the fashion industry soon to accommodate or bring balance to these costs?

I do feel that the industry will make adjustments, perhaps cheaper materials, short cuts in manufacturing, and offering fewer variations are all ways that this market is likely to change to accommodate the increased costs being faced.

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