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In 2019, Jeremy Renner's ex-wife made some shocking abuse claims about the MCU actor. Could this lead to less movies with the actor in them?

Is Jeremy Renner appearing in more MCU movies after abuse claims?

Okay, kids. It’s time to gather around because we’re going to talk about Jeremy Renner. The actor, best known for playing Hawkeye in the MCU, is something of a controversial figure. Largely due to some allegations made by his ex-wife a couple years ago that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. While we’re pretty sure the Disney+ Hawkeye series will position a new character to take over the mantle in the MCU, the allegations exist.

Let’s be clear, Marvel fans have always been a bit leery of Renner due a lot of bs comments that left people feeling, uh, awkward to say the least about the actor. That’s in addition to some suspect handling of the Hawkeye/Clint Barton character over the years as well. To most fans, Marvel pretty much, for lack of a better term, screwed the pooch here with this character.

But what, exactly, did Jeremy Renner do that was so bad? Can this leave us with no more movies with the actor anymore? Well, we’re going to get into the allegations, which are a couple years old at this point. Let’s go over everything we know about these claims, shall we? 

The allegations

In 2019, after the release of Avengers: Endgame and before the world ended, Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife Sonni Pacheco made some disturbing allegations about the actor, mainly certained around claims of abuse of both Pacheco and her daughter with Renner, Ava. At the time, the couple were in the middle of an acrimonious custody battle and most of the claims were submitted to court records.

In 2017, Pacheco said that Ava, then 4, at the time had an odd bruise on her shoulder. When asking her daughter about the bite, she said, “Daddy bit me”. In other court documents, the little girl said that the bite happened “when [Renner] was being mean and yelling.” So that’s extremely horrifying. Renner said about the allegations that the bruise came from an accident with a seatbelt that pinched the little girl.

Other claims from Pacheco said that Renner threatened to kill her. She said that he had come home, pointed a gun at her, and also put the barrel in his own mouth. Allegedly, this also occurred after a night of, according to Pacheco, a night of heavy drinking and usage of cocaine. She also alleged at another time that Renner said “it was better that Ava had no parents than to have [Pacheco] as a mother.”

So is it true?

Jeremy Renner has categorically denied the claims. Seeing as how he hasn’t lost custody of his daughter, now 8, it doesn’t look like it? Between bad interview gaffes, these disturbing allegations, and more, fans are a bit reluctant to show the actor any sort of major support one way or the other, you know? We don’t know if the claims have been looked into, but we’re assuming they have given the passage of time. 

Ultimately, we can’t really know what goes on behind closed doors of a celebrity’s life. Some people were really terrible, but we still watch movies with them in, listen to music, and, well, you get the picture. It’s not a defense, of course. But if you want to watch Hawkeye, then you’ll have to decide how comfortable you feel with this sort of knowledge in your head.

Good news, however, we think Renner’s preparing for an MCU exit with the series. Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop will become Hawkeye. We can only hope the next time that Clint Barton is brought to live-action that things will be handled a lot better.

What do you think about the allegations against Jeremy Renner? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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