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Whether you're new to the anime genre or a longtime fan, you should spend some time reading manga online. These sites will give you unlimited access!

Read your favorite anime in manga form online using these sites

Whether you’re a longtime anime fan or are relatively new to the genre, you should absolutely spend some time in between episodes reading manga online. Many of the most popular anime are based on long-running manga series. The best part about reading your favorite series online is that manga generally has many more installments than the anime adaptations. Some are thousands of chapters long! 

There are countless sites that let you read popular manga. Some of the best require fees or can only be accessed via an invite from a current member. You shouldn’t worry, though, as there are a number of great free sites that will let you read the manga of your favorite anime series online. 

Here we’ll break down which sites you should check out first to dive into the best manga available. 

KissManga – &

KissManga was once the most popular website around for reading great manga & anime series online. People loved KissManga because it was easy to navigate, featured user comments, and was kept up-to-date with almost every ongoing manga series. Then, in August of 2020, it was announced that KissManga would be going offline forever.

Why is it on this list? Because there are two “clones” of KissManga still online. The clones hold the entire original catalog, although they are missing a couple features from the original site. Manga on the clone sites can’t be downloaded, and all the original user comments are gone. The clones also aren’t updated with new material, but they’re still loaded with thousands of free manga for you to take a look at. 


VIZ is the official reader site for Shonen Jump, a weekly manga anthology from Shueisha, one of the biggest manga publishers in the entire world. The VIZ site is robust & polished, offering one of the most seamless reading experiences available. Every week, the site is updated with brand new manga chapters.

VIZ houses some of the most popular ongoing manga series. You’ll be able to read new chapters of My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and One-Punch Man. You can make an account on the website, and the three newest chapters of every manga are always free to read. A modestly priced subscription will give you unlimited access to the site’s full catalog of manga. – houses thousands of user-uploaded manga chapters. Generally speaking, takes down manga chapters after they’ve been officially licensed in the U.S., meaning it’s actually one of the best places to go to get manga before other English readers. Since all of the content on comes from users, you can expect to find the occasional low-quality scan of a new manga chapter you’re trying to read.

Despite the quality issues here & there, is a great place to read the newest manga from your favorite anime series online. The user base on is very active. They upload dozens of new manga chapters every single day. Once you have an account, you’re able to add comments and uploads of your own. 

Mangadex –

Mangadex is the cream of the crop when it comes to online manga repositories. It has an impressive catalog, an active user base, and tie-ins with manga creators, meaning you can always expect to find quality scans on the site.

Currently, Mangadex is going through a massive site update. Because of that, its catalogs are currently unavailable. You should absolutely bookmark the site and follow the developers on Twitter to be notified when it goes back online. Mangadex is something you don’t want to miss.

Which site is your favorite place to read manga online? Let us know in the comments!

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