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Emily Ratajkowski accused Robin Thicke of molesting her while filming Blurred Lines. But was it true? Here's all you need to know about the scandal.

XXX moment: Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’, assaulted Emily Ratajkowski

Once again, a female public figure got sexually assaulted while working. This time we’re talking about model Emily Ratajkowski, who accused Robin Thicke of molesting her while filming Blurred Lines. Ratajkowski alleges the singer sexually assaulted her when they were filming a controversial hit song video back in 2013. But what happened? Has this advanced legally? Here’s all you need to know. 

Ten years had gone by since the supermodel went through this terrible experience, yet, sexual assault is a quite hard thing to process. For this reason, it is completely understandable to keep talking about this a decade after. Besides, fingers should be pointed at powerful men who abuse their power to abuse women in the industries they run. Everything happened while filming an XXX scene.

According to Ratajkowski’s allegations, Robin Thicke grabbed her naked breasts from behind during the video. The scene featured the model with two other half-naked women, next to Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and rapper TI. It’s important to mention that all men in the video were fully dressed, but that’s nothing new, female bodies have been eternally sexually exploited. 

The XXX scene

Not only do XXX scenes in movies and music videos imply chemistry, and vulnerability from the actors, but a lot of human sensibility from the director. To all creators, filming an XXX scene must be an entire challenge due to all the necessary care that must be taken. This time Thicke abused the situation and his intentions went further than acting for the shoot. 

If this wasn’t creepy enough, just realize that the music lyrics of Thicke’s video repeatedly say “I know you want it”. All participants of the song were pointed out as “glorifying rape culture”, which makes sense. The song got banned in numerous nightclubs as well as university campuses, but what happened with Robin Thicke? Will he ever go through charges? 

Several celebrities, especially female figures,  had waited to launch an entire book just to let people know the truth behind all the prejudices they carry with them. Paris Hilton is an example and Emily Ratajkowski is not an exemption, in her book My Body, she opens up about this. She wrote, “I felt the coolness and foreignness of a stranger’s hands cupping my bare breasts from behind.”

Finally, the model described the dark hole she went through after this situation and her urge to minimize it, which is honestly heartbreaking. It’s hard to open up about these kinds of experiences, but did anyone see anything? Actually yes, fortunately, Emily Ratajkowski is not alone!

Ratajkowski’s team 

Aside from her insane number of fans on her multiple platforms, the model received direct support from her coworkers on that project. Fortunately, the music video and XXX scene were directed by a woman, Diane Martel, who told the Times that she realized Thicke grabbed the model’s breasts. According to Martel, she immediately shouted at the man to question his behavior on set. 

Not that it changes or justifies anything, however, something we should mention is that Thicke was drunk at the time according to both Martel & Ratajkowski. This only talks about an evident lack of professionalism on his part the musician praised the model’s professionalism and offered a shy apology. According to Martel, she thought power dynamics would’ve been inverted in the video. 

Anyway, the song did go through legal consequences, but it has nothing to do with these situations.  In 2015, it was determined by a jury, that Thicke & Williams had copied the hit, for this, $7.4 million were charged. Once again, this confirms how everything will matter more than a woman getting sexually assaulted on set.

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