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Rad 140 SARM Alternatives – Rad140 Dosage Negative Side Effects or Legit Before and After Results

SARMs and Steroids are widely used by millions of men and women but after a certain point, everyone quits their use because of the side effects. Anabolic steroids and SARMs dangers are parallel which can happen anytime.  

Realizing bodybuilders have been making the same mistakes over and over, the time now demands to have something similar to these SARMs or Steroids, something closest to steroids. 

RAD 140 SARM a.k.a Testolone is the highlighted muscle growth supplement that has more negative results than positive. 

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About RAD 140 SARM

To make it available for the patients, Radius Health, Inc. launched a product with RAD 140 named Testolone. RAD 140 like many other SARMs is a selective androgenic receptor modulator that contains the benefits of anabolic steroids with lower latency of the side effects. 

RAD 140 SARMs was designed to overcome muscle loss problems in adults who do not respond to any other treatments. Testolone has also been used to treat breast cancer. Most people who think RAD 140 is a steroid should check the basic facts about SARMs as they bind to only selective receptors. These receptors are located in the bones and muscle tissues that get activated only in a limited amount. 

How SARMs Work?

Majority of SARMs work by modulating testosterone receptor which is the essential male hormone. At this point, SARMs mimic the androgenic molecules and activate the receptors directly. Steroids do the same thing but since it is bound with so many receptors, the incidence of side effects is expected to be high. Side effects of anabolic steroids like liver damage, gynecomastia, abnormal hair growth in men and women. 

The most powerful SARM is as half dangerous as anabolic steroids least potent version. 

Is it Safe to Take SARMs?

It has been stated by the FDA that any supplements or products having SARMs in them should not be used unless medically prescribed. According to World Anti-Doping Agency, taking SARMs is prohibited amongst athletes and their use could be threatening to their careers. Some online sources deal with the selling of SARMs which are often marketed as dietary supplements. 

Such supplements are not allowed because of the unapproved drugs inside. 

RAD 140 Testolone Side Effects

As an investigational substance, RAD 140 side effects haven’t been clinically evaluated. Based on anecdotal experiences, some supporters of SARMs say the unwanted side effects are way lesser than testosterone which is not been proven yet. Side effects of Testolone are mostly testosterone-related side effects. These are:

  • Breast enlargement in men usually known as Gynecomastia
  • Hirsutism or excessive hair growth in women
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Loss of libido
  • Nausea and Vomiting

RAD140 Alternative SARM

Natural SARMs are the real things now and they are as effective as many SARMs available online. 

What you should really check in SARMs dietary supplements is whether they are infused with real SARM or natural ingredients. The alternative SARM to RAD 140 Testolone is natural and launched a few weeks ago. 


Radbulk is the natural and safe alternative to Testolone, one of the best muscle growth supplements you can find online. RADBULK delivers the same amount of benefits but its all-natural formula tends to provide no side effects. 

The secret to this is the natural ingredients which is majorly entreated from the herbal source. Lots of proteins are being put in RADBULK to support the muscle-building mechanism and how protein synthesis is activated.

How RADBULK Works?

Brutal Force Radbulk is unlike those cumbersome muscle-building supplements which are not regulated by the higher authorities. The clarity of the ingredients is available with Brutal Force who makes RADBULK under a cGMP certified plant. 

RADBULK has many ingredients to support the bulking cycle. There is always a notion to boost testosterone levels which directly compliments muscle growth, stamina, and physical energy levels. 

RADBULK Benefits

Bodybuilders who have dedicated their whole lives to bodybuilding forbid users from taking illegal supplements. RADBULK benefits can be put bluntly without exaggeration. The official website of Brutal Force depicts the following benefits or results after using RADBULK. 

  • Iron-Hard Muscles
  • Extreme Strength 
  • Enhanced Vascularity

RAD 140 Price vs RADBULK Pricing

RAD 140 Testolone SARM is not a piece of cake when it comes to buying it. The black markets and some illegal online pages have been found to sell RAD 140 at a quite higher price. A regular dose of Testolone can cost you from $90-$300 which is equally a burden on your body and pocket. 

RADBULK from Brutal Force is available for only $59.99 which is further reduced in price if you buy in plenty amount. The deal “Buy 2 and Get 3rd Free” is still applicable. 

RADBULK Money Back Guarantee

Not like any miracle but Radbulk comes with a 100-Day money-back guarantee. The company claims that all users shall be prepared for the quick results, in case of failure to launch they are happy to provide you a full refund under 100 days’ time period. Simply return the unused bottles and any unopened tubs within 100 days of receiving your order. 

Why RADBULK Over RAD 140 Testolone?

Come to think about it, there are only hands full of reasons to choose RADBULK over Testolone. Some of these are:

  • Radbulk is a 100% safe and legal product
  • No injections are used to take RADBULK 
  • Quick results
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Free express shipping
  • Results or choose money-back guarantee option

Not only this, regular use of SARMs during bodybuilding could lead to excessive water retention in individuals with a buffy body. Skinny users may get kidney issues as the effect of testolone exerts some pressure on kidneys during excretion of the drug. 

Where Do I Buy RADBULK Alternative to Testolone?

Brutal Force’s official page is online any time of the day. On that page, under the SARM heading there are 3 SARMs alternatives available, for now. There are more to go which you can also see after entering the online webpage.

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