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'Queen of the South' has a killer story packed with action – but the show also offers great tidbits of wisdom. Here are the top cast quotes from the series.

‘Queen of the South’: All the best quotes from the cast

Queen of the South is full of action, drama, pain, and power. The series keeps us here at Film Daily locked in every episode as Teresa Mendoza climbs her way up the ladder to become the top drug kingpin, taking on all who come her way from rival bosses like Camila to unexpected love in James. Nothing seems to hold Teresa down long, which is one of many reasons why fans love her and tune in each Thursday.  

Queen of the South doesn’t just have an incredible story, though. Just like many fantastic shows, it also has amazing lines that you can pick up and use to motivate you, inspire you, and make you laugh. These small zingers and bits of wisdom are what help build the characters while also giving the audience a way to crystallize memorable moments forever. 

Here are our picks of quotes from Queen of the South that you can live your life by. 


On life and living it

“Your life is painful and ugly but it’s yours and you only get one.”

“As long as you’re alive you can recreate yourself.”

Camila: “Would you die for me?”

Teresa: “I’ll survive for you.”

On hope 

“There’s a flower that grows in the darkness. It’s called Lirio de Los Valles. It actually does better in the shade. It blooms in spite of the darkness. You remind me of that flower.”


On love 

“Whatever you’ve done, you don’t need to hide from me. We’re in this together.”

Teresa: “Take care of yourself.” 

James: “You too.” 

“I’m not leaving.”


On life & business 

“Life is for the living. Now pull yourself together, we still have work to do.”

“I know you’re scared. Use that fear to stay alive. After all, you’re a survivor.”

On forgiveness 

“It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.”

On rage 

“In revenge as well as love, a woman is more barbaric than any man.”


On guts 

“You’ve got more guts than you can hang on a fence.”


On who you can be 

Birdman: “Who are you?”

Brenda: “I’m the person who’s going to make your day.”

On getting things done 

“Gotta do what you gotta do.”


On what you can have

“Everyone has a right to the throne if they can take it.” 

On the heart 

“The heart will kill you faster than a bullet.”

On strength 

“Whenever you’re down you always come back stronger. This isn’t the time to give up, Teresita.”

On work 

“Work. I put work first. My loyalty to my bosses is more than loyalty to any woman. I vow to protect them no matter the circumstances and that’s a vow that I will never break. What you say, it goes Teresita. You’re the boss.”


On age & power 

“Oh, don’t let the wrinkles fool you. The older they are, the more blood between their teeth.”

Little T 

On food & life 

“Hallelujah! Life’s not worth living without tacos.” 🌮

King George 

On making an entrance 

“Turn around. Don’t give me that look. You ain’t never seen a hero before?”

On loyalty 

“I’m a pirate, Madam, not a saint.” 


On food 

“Can’t a guy enjoy his donuts on cheat day?” 🍩

Of course, these are not the only incredible lines Queen of the South has to offer. While the official release date of season 5 has yet to be revealed has reportedly been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, we know it’s certainly still happening. With season 5 in the distant horizon we’re sure it’ll promise more allies & enemies to throw both bullets and bits of inspiration.

Queen of the South is definitely one to keep an eye on for more amazing lines to live life by. So strap in and enjoy where this crazy ride will drop us next. In a show like Queen of the South, no one knows just where it may head, which makes it all the better.

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  • Oksana: “The heart is soft, but when you’re alone,, nobody can hurt you.”

    Aviare: “Are we crazy to want something different in this life”

    February 25, 2020

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