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COVID has left us doing jobs we never thought we'd do, like become barbers. Some of us had better luck with quarantine haircuts than others...

Did you cut your own bangs? The worst quarantine haircuts from 2020

The 2020 COVID-19 quarantine became something of an equalizer when it came to haircuts. Unless you were lucky enough to live with a stylist, you were rolling the dice when it came time to manage your ‘do – and if your hair grows fast, you were taking those chances on a monthly basis.

Some people gave up and shaved their heads after their first attempt at a quarantine haircut. Others decided to have fun with it (you can tell who was working from home) and share their hairstyling experiments with the online world. Let’s go through some of those brave haircut disasters from 2020!

Birthday boy

That kid will never forget when he turned fourteen, that’s for sure. The question is: has he forgiven his father yet?

Education counts

Let’s look past the trash bag (or let’s not, it screams “quarantine haircut”) and focus on the pseudo-bowl cut and the acknowledgement that it’s good to go to school to learn a trade.

Worth it?

We have to wonder if this guy refers to being in trouble with the kid’s mother or with the kid himself. Both, probably.


How many teens does it take to destroy a grown man’s hairdo? According to this tweet, all you need is three.

Ready for Sherwood Forest

This quarantine haircut victim looks like he’s ready to join Robin Hood and, honestly, there are worse fates out there.

Hubby special

At least she has the cute bunny ears to distract from her husband’s handiwork.

Spoiled rotten

You might be noticing a trend among parents and their willingness to let their kids give them a quarantine haircut: it doesn’t end well.


Just hazarding a guess here, but a broken heart would be more representative of most people’s reactions to this quarantine haircut.


Seriously, did one of them sneeze while the clippers were going? Hopefully they were able to mirror that cut on the other side.

UK strong

This was back in March so maybe that’s why they make it sound like barbershops are only closed in the UK? The rest of the world would join soon.

You’re on TV, man

If your quarantine haircut can get you your fifteen minutes of fame, then things didn’t go so badly after all, right?

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