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States are starting to open up and quarantines are being lifted. These coronavirus memes express exactly how we feel about emerging from quarantine.

These coronavirus memes explain how we feel to be out of quarantine

As states are starting to open up and quarantines are being lifted, we are slowly crawling out from our homes and seeing the world anew. Blink the piercing sunlight from your eyes, put on shoes, comb your hair – you’re goin’ out baby. 

While we partly feel like our release from quarantine is a time to rejoice, we’re also experiencing . . . other feelings. These coronavirus memes express exactly how we feel about emerging from quarantine.   

Made it out alive

Even though we were stuffed in our houses seeing hardly anyone for months, there was still that constant fear that somehow you contracted the virus. Well, if you were lucky you triumphed over COVID-19. But are we just throwing ourselves back into crowds teeming with the virus? It’s certainly possible! 😅

Quarantine lifestyle

Not noticing much of a difference now that quarantine is lifted? Yeah, you’re not alone. Hermits everywhere are like – you want me to quarantine? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So no change? 

Extra padding post-quarantine

Anyone else build up some extra padding during quarantine? It was just too easy to stay inside, laze around, and do a bit too much munching. So what if we’re a bit pudgier now, we’ll work it off now that it’s summer right? 

Freedom so close but so far

Quarantine had us in its grasp for so long, can we really go back out into the world and be free? Will coronavirus send us back? Are we just too addicted to the quarantine life to leave? 

What is nature

Trapped inside the walls of our house has isolated us from nature for so long, we hardly recognize life beyond our own. Butterfly, pigeon? Who knows anymore. The outside world is a mystery now. 

Quarantine hibernation

Oh gosh, how much time has even passed since quarantine began? It feels like it’s been centuries.   

Experiment failure

Yeah, so eating out isn’t the problem apparently. Maybe indulging yourself with family-size bags of Cheetos made the difference. We can’t trust ourselves to eat healthy at home. Too many goodies that can be accessed too often. 

Post-plague reunion 

Quarantine estranged us from many things including, you know, people. Seeing everyone again is going to be a hearty reunion – a time to clink our mugs of ale and share tales of woe. 

Professional attire is a stranger to us

Obi-wan expresses our sentiment towards work clothes perfectly. Will these fancy clothes even fit anymore? They’re certainly not as comfortable as sweats. 

Might not recognize us now 

It was too easy to let ourselves go during quarantine. Haircut, fashion, diet – quarantine squashed it all. But who really cares – it happened to us all.

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