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QAnon is a growing group of conspiracy theorists, which has led to some pretty great Twitter jokes about their antics.

QAnon conspiracy jokes from Twitter will get you through the election

Conspiracy theories seem to be at an all-time high in 2020. One of the biggest conspiracy groups right now is QAnon, which recently came into the news when some congressional nominees revealed they’re QAnon supporters. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican running for a House seat for the state of Georgia, is running unopposed after the Democratic nominee dropped out on September 11th. 

Here are some QAnon conspiracy jokes from Twitter you can laugh about during the 2020 election season.

Twitter removes QAnon content

Twitter emphasized their intent to remove QAnon content on Twitter. The crackdown started due to the spread of QAnon supporters sprouting from social media. Twitter announced they were suspending accounts, including some prominent QAnon members who engaged “in coordinated harmful activity”, according to The Guardian.

QAnon started on message boards, but has since expanded its reach, even influencing high-profile politicians. QAnon followers believe in many different obscure theories, all stemming from “Q”, an anonymous 4chan user. According to NPR, many followers believe “elite members of a secretive satanic child sex-trafficking ring” attempting to take over the world, specifically targeting Donald Trump.

Setting your priorities

Tweet: Anonymous sources? Please. If it were true, they’d go on the record with their real name. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to learn what’s really going on from anonymous 4chan posts by a high level White House insider.

So, QAnon fanatics question legitimate news outlets using anonymous sources, but when it comes to 4chan users, they always speak the truth. 

Asking the real questions here

Tweet: But will Facebook ban the anti-vaccine people? Will Facebook ban the QAnon people? Will Facebook ban the fake news?

Facebook has faced more scrutiny than ever in the last few years with the spread of fake news. 

Questionable sources

Tweet: “Anonymous sources are always fake,” declared the QAnon believer as he refreshed 8chan waiting for cryptic orders from his anonymous guru.

These QAnon believers seem to have a terrible blindspot when it comes to what anonymity really means to them. 

Simple English linguistics 

Tweet: qanon is almost definitely fake . . . you don’t start a word with the letter “q” and not follow it with a “u”

When it comes down to it, even the name is questionable. Why would you want to follow a conspiracy that’s not a real word?

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