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Going nuclear: inside Putin’s luxe lifestyle

Definitely, Vladimir Putin is one of the most controversial figures yet, this time a house is the reason behind. Russian president Vladimir Putin is currently living with his girlfriend, gymnast Alina Kabaeva, and their children in a luxury palace, according to a new investigation. But almost all politicians live in luxurious places right? That’s true, yet, let’s have in mind Russia’s political situation. 

Proekt an independent Russian media group and Daily Mail reported this case revealing inside the home for the first time. The Post could not independently confirm this report, yet, we’ve got all the details you need, including pictures! The house is located in a forest in Valdai 250 miles outside of Moscow and it was constructed shortly after Putin entered the political scene in 1996, the report said.

Vladimir Putin  has held the role as President of Russia or Prime Minister since 1999 and till now he’s maintained controversy as a constant. Putin had wanted to custom-build the home to resemble the winter palace at St. Petersburg, known as the “golden house.” As you can imagine this house is all about luxury, so this can result in violence to many due to Ucraine’s situation. 

Let’s talk about the house 

“We will tell you where they are hiding,” that’s what the official publication said, which can be sarcastic but some truth is hiding behind. After Putin’s divorce with Lyudmila Ocheretnaya, he brought Kabaeva to the property.Nonetheless, the thirty one year age gap with his current girlfriend ends up being the less important detail!

Several monuments & houses in history have been built in the name of love, the Taj Mahal might be the most impressive, but not the only one. In 2020, Vladimir Putin then began building a new property for his partner, Kabaeva, that stands close to the “golden house.”According to the same records, in 2021, a boat dock was built near Kabaeva’s house. 

This means that one can take a boat across a small canal in order to arrive at the classic palace park on a 28-hectare territory. Unfortunately, these lands were once destined to a tree nursery, where new conifers were grown in order to restore the national park. As if it weren’t enough, about the same distance from Putin and Kabaeva’s houses is a huge spa complex the couple attends regularly. 

According to Proekt, a secret guarded station was built near his residence which makes sense due to the location. Some satellite images of the home show there are train stations, from which Putin  owns private ones for his residences in Sochi and Novo-Ogaryovo (near Moscow). Kabaeva also mentioned to count with“chaperones’” who take care of taking all needs straight to the property.

Why Do People Dislike Putin?

Vladimir Putin is a controversial figure in international politics, with strong advocates and fierce critics alike. Over the years, there has been a growing consensus among his detractors that his policies have eroded democracy and human rights within Russia. However, it’s quite despicable to think about the level of luxury he lives with and the fact that important natural areas were destroyed for it. 

Several critics of Putin have pointed to his tight control over media, civil society, and other aspects of everyday life as a sign of authoritarianism. Several concerns are related to state-sponsored repression of opposition voices as well as lack of independent checks on executive power. Other criticisms come from outside Russia, especially regarding Putin’s role in wars. 

The Syrian civil war is a great example, just like the annexation of Crimea, and military interventions in Ukraine. All these events have led to further strains in relations between Russia and its Western counterparts. His increasing reliance on a number of nationalist factions within Russia has also prompted concern from abroad.

Many people around the world view the presidency of Vladimir Putin as an example of autocracy rather than democracy. All these situations have placed not only Putin, but Russia in a negative position regarding global affairs, yet, he doesn’t really seem to care about his luxurious house! 

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