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Promoting music is both easier and more complicated than ever. Here are some tips on how to promote your music today.

5 Ways to Promote Your Music Today

Music is one of the ways artists express themselves. It’s deeply emotional and personal– and that’s what connects them with their listeners.

The digitization of the music industry gave aspiring musicians more opportunities. Musicians can easily build their home recording studio. As a result, it led to an unfathomable amount of new music. Every day, new songs are uploaded to streaming platforms.

With much new music, it is a struggle for new artists to find an audience. Every artist wants their masterpiece to be heard. But with the competition in the music industry, how can you reach your target audience?

Let us help you. There are 5 strategies on how you can promote your music effectively.

Assign Roles Within the Band or Hire a Marketing Team

How do you make your music? Are you a soloist? If you are a soloist, it is best to hire a marketing team. You can work with freelancers or contractors to help you get started.

Meanwhile, it is different for bands; you are not alone. You have members you can assign roles with. Determine who will manage the band’s website, update the social media accounts, create content, and supervise the marketing. The key here is to know who is good at the assigned role and whether they are interested to learn about the assigned role.

But, it does not mean you have to force your band member into doing something they are uncomfortable with. There’s always a chance that no one knows about the marketing tasks. After you have determined each other’s strengths and no one wants to take a role, outsource them.

Nonetheless, hiring a marketing team gives you more time to focus on making music.

Use Social Media and Other Platforms

Regularly engaging with your fans is an essential part of sustaining a meaningful career in the music industry. Whether you have a few dedicated ones or millions of fans, you need to build a connection between them.

Some platforms are artist-friendly, such as HUDL Music. These platforms support independent musicians in promoting their music. HUDLmusic aims to provide independent artists with an online community free from heavy fees. Moreover, there are several social media platforms where you can post regularly:

  • Facebook: The last few years have been difficult for musicians to promote their music on Facebook. You have to work on a budget with the Ads Manager. Although it is a powerful ad tool, you have to dedicate time to test and optimize the ads.
  • Twitter: It’s the best platform to provide real-time updates to your fans. You can have quick and short interactions with them. Moreover, it’s easy to find people who talk about your music and have conversations with them.
  • Instagram: The best place to build your visual brand. You can share your photos and videos quickly on Instagram. 
  • Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music: Today, most listeners use these streaming services to listen to their favorite songs. These streaming services will also promote you to listeners who enjoy music with the same genre as yours. Being featured in playlists is a golden opportunity. It feels like a free music promotion. You will reach the right audience.
  • YouTube: The second-largest search engine after Google and one of the best platforms to discover music. You can also upload your music videos on YouTube. 

You can upload demos among these platforms and gather feedback from listeners before investing in them for professional production. Having an opportunity for free music marketing is already a golden moment for independent musicians.

Create a Website

Aside from promoting your music through social media, an official artist website will be not only your home but also your fan’s. An artist’s website is an essential component in conveying your story to the world. Your website is not only a place for official announcements. It is where your new and avid fans resonate with the story you are telling through your music and website.

Unlike in social media, their attention towards the content in your website is undivided. Everything they see on your website is all about you. It allows them to know more about your journey through life and the music industry.

Take advantage of a good content marketing strategy.  Aside from your music, you can post videos and blog posts to build a deeper relationship with your fans. Putting a lot of time and thought into non-musical content will give a lasting impression.

Some artists add daily vlogs, journal blogs, behind-the-scenes content, or any content that helps their fans know more about them. If other artists can, why not? It will ultimately result in new fans learning about you and your music. 

Today, the music industry has never been as competitive as before. Fans and listeners need more than your music to become interested. They want the narrative of your music. Thus, create a website to better shape your identity and convey your journey as an artist and human. 

If you are not sure how to start, define your artistic identity. Tell your audience your song’s meaning, the moment you made it, and how you are doing with your career. These narratives are an eye-opener to your fans.

Use Email Marketing

Aside from your social media followers, the best way to update them is through a newsletter. Email marketing is the least expensive but highly effective digital marketing strategy. Place newsletter signup on your website to collect their email address. 

But, not all web visitors will leave their email address easily. How can you convince them? Follow the swap strategy. Giving a freebie or discount in exchange for their email address works well. 

Aside from discounts or freebies, give them exclusive content. It will leave an impression on your fans and help you build a deeper relationship with them. Send out newsletters weekly with exclusive content to remind them about you and your music.

Upload Vlogs with Behind the Scenes Content

Video content is a powerful promotional tool. But, what’s the best content to share?

Behind the scenes– it’s always been fascinating to fans, and they will always find it interesting to watch the recording process, especially if your song comes with a music video! Fans love to see how the concepts are put together. 

As music conveys personal journeys, the hard work to create it gives more insight to fans and gain new fans. Moreover, you can turn your video content into a DVD or upload it on YouTube. You can monetize it to help cover the costs of creating your song and music video.

Final Thoughts

As we speak, these strategies are the most effective ones in promoting your music. Music marketing is essential to let everyone who wants to share their talent and story through music. Whether it is paid marketing or free music marketing, focus all your efforts on reaching out to your fans and new audience. 

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