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Explore the buzz behind Prince Harry's rumored divorce. Is there truth in the whispers, or just more royal rumbles? Grab your sleuthing hat and dissect the drama with us.

Who is Prince Harry’s real father? All the royal conspiracies

Who is Prince Harry’s real father?  According to the official records, Prince Harry is the younger son of Prince Charles & Princess Diana and fifth in line to the British throne. Nonetheless, there are several royal conspiracies regarding his authentic relation to Prince Charles, but why? Since Harry & Megan left behind their royal titles and moved to America several theories have popped, but let’s take a closer look.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Prince Harry’s life, from his childhood to his current status as one of the most renowned members of the British Royal Family. Prince Harry has played an important role in the public life of Britain and has become well known for his charitable work. He is also known for his fun-loving nature, as evidenced by his many engagements over the years. 

Will there be a day where the royal family isn’t in the middle of some drama, accusation or conspiracy theory? The short answer is no, but what is it about now? Rumor has it that Prince Harry’s real father isJames Hewitt, who was Princess Diana’s riding instructor whom she had an affair with. In 1995, Princess Diana confessed to having had an affair with Hewitt on a BBC program but is he related to Prince Harry?

While attending Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were booed by the crowd. Why does the UK hate the former royals?

Who is Prince Harry ?

When we think of the royals we automatically think of the dramas the whole family has been related to. Currently, when we think of Prince Harry we can’t avoid all the thought regarding how he somehow betrayed his family in order to follow the life he really wanted. Taking our masks off, we all have to betray our families at a certain point in order to become what we really want, yet, this is even harder if you’re a royal. 

But let’s take a closer look at Prince Harry, who is he? Starting with the general facts, he was born on September 15, 1984, in London, England. His parents famously announced his birth on their balcony at Buckingham Palace, much to the delight of the public. Growing up, he attended a number of prestigious schools, including Eton College and Ludgrove School in Berkshire. 

At university, he studied for a degree in geography at Durham University and graduated with honors in 2005. Since then, Prince Harry has undertaken many engagements within Britain and around the world. One of his most noteworthy activities has been The Invictus Games Paralympic-style competition. There he created that is open to wounded servicemen and women who have suffered injury or illness while serving their country. 

This event has grown into an internationally recognized event since its inception in 2014 and takes place every year in different countries across Europe and even North America These events are designed to celebrate those who have endured physical trauma while serving their nations’ armed forces. Not everything is podcasts, interviews and Netflix documentaries. 

Apart from the wide range of philanthropic undertakings Prince Harry’s public image is often quite jovial due to events such as skiing trips or attending major sporting games.  There he can be seen having fun with friends alongside being photographed happily chatting away with members of the public passersby alike! On top of this, there have also been some high-profile relationships over recent years. 

Nonetheless, Meghan Markle is definitely his most successful relationship since he married her and became Duke Sussex in 2018.  Just a year later in 2019 the couple announced they were expecting their first child Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor  making them even more popular! In conclusion, Prince Harry is one member of royalty that keeps capturing the imagination worldwide.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended their first royal event in two years at Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee. The result: Prince Harry's apparent isolation.

Is Prince Harry part of the royal family?

We’ve already taken a look at Prince Harry’s features but the tea regarding his “real” father is still very hot. Two years after Prince Harry was born in 1986, Princess Diana began an affair with the royal Horse Whisperer Hewitt which lasted  five years. As we mentioned before, this was directly admitted by Princess Diana back in 1995, yet, we should consider that the affair began after Harry was born. 

Also, you should know that the royal tea is always the very same one but reheated in a loop. Since the early 2000s rumors regarding Harry’s origin were present, and since then were denied.  Back in 2002, Hewitt told the Sunday Mirror, that there really was no possibility for Prince Harry to be his child although people say they look alike. And honestly, if he was, would the royals admit it? 

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