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Why does King Charles hate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

With a family like the royals, enemies are no longer needed. It’s a fact that all royals have shown to have reasons to be despicable, yet, a true question we ask ourselves is, do the royal family actually love each other? Further than all those magazine covers of the perfect royal Christmas dinner we grew up with, we all know this group of people is far from being perfect both individually and collectively.

Let’s face the music, King Charles has shown to hate Meghan Markle & Prince Harry, but why? In fact, why do all royals hate these two? Is true that King Charles might not be happy with these two profiting from their familiar history through all their podcasts, series, and interviews. Yet, nobody leaves their royal titles just because, so we should be wondering what’s really going on . . . .

Meghan Markle has mentioned in several interviews that she went through racism from Queen Elizabeth and other family members. The truth is that she was never the ideal profile of a princess, starting with the fact that she was divorced, yet, none of those features justify bad treatment. Queen Elizabeth II is no longer with us, yet King Charles took charge of her tasks, including hating the Sussexes. 

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

We can all agree these have been rough years for the royal family. From gossip of Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton to Prince Andrew’s sexual assault scandal related to Epstein, to the Markles profiting from the family secrets. It looks like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry found the real family jewels before receiving any sort of inheritance. 

Honestly, it must be hard to be a political and public figure from a newborn without being asked. Several Hollywood celebs have shown us how devastating growing under the spotlight can be, but it looks like things are not different for the royals. Several point fingers at Meghan Markle, just like they did at Yoko Ono when The Beatles separated, yet, it looks like being a royal was never Prince Harry’s desire. 

As we all know by now, in 2020, the couple stepped down as senior royals and moved to America. This means that since then they no longer receive their income from the Royal Family, but from talking about their life there. Several family members claimed to be hurt by this decision and it looks like King Charles is not an exception. But does this hurt come from losing them or from losing a certain reputation?

Does King Charles hate Meghan Markle?

Let’s have some context first. King Charles is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II of England, yet, aside from his twisted history with Princess Diana, he’s currently the most decent member to take charge. The king was born in 1948, and is first in line to the British throne also, his brother Andrew wouldn’t be able to become king after his sex scandal.

before being King he went through numerous roles within the Royal Family including Colonel-in-Chief of several regiments from 1994–2017.  He was also called Grand Master of the Order of the Bath from 1996 to the present. He has shown concern regarding environmental causes & sustainable development. He’s also famous for our beloved princess Diana, who died back in 1997.

In May 2019, he released a manifesto titled Harmony: A New Way Of Looking At Our World, yet, it looks like he’s missing harmony with his relatives. Queen Elizabeth once pronounced herself annoyed with Meghan Markle having a broken bond with her family because you know, it doesn’t look good. Anyway, since 2018 when Markle married a royal she was simply not liked by any of them.

Although King Charles has some tail to step over, like his friendship with Jimmy Savile or Princess Diana’s mysterious death, he’ll never accept Meghan Markle. Is true that Meghan & Prince Harry have overshared information with the world and harmed their family, but it is also true that royals never entirely accepted that relationship. If not hate, we can agree King Charles is not happy with his son’s directions. 

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