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Prince Andrew has been claiming he doesn't like to party, but revealing photos with Chris Von Aspen might say something different about the Duke.

Has Chris Von Aspen exposed Prince Andrew’s alleged creepy past?

Prince Andrew is once again the talk of the town as new evidence against him comes to light. He’s claimed the allegations of sexual abuse against him can’t be true because he doesn’t go out much. However, these photos with Chris Von Aspen say otherwise.

The Duke of York has been in hot water since Virginia Giuffre accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was seventeen years old. The water has only gotten hotter as more details of his hidden past are brought to light. Something in his claims just isn’t adding up.

Old photos with Jeffrey Epstein contradicted his claims of not knowing the convicted pedophile very well. The newest photos contradict his claims of not being an avid party-goer. What else is Prince Andrew lying about?

Chris Von Aspen prince andrew

On the town

In July 2007, Prince Andrew went to a star-studded party in the south of France. He can be seen in photos getting cozy with Chris Von Aspen on the dance floor. The two were all over each other. At some point, Aspen can be seen biting at the Duke’s neck.

There is nothing wrong with getting a little loose at a party. Even members of the British Royal Family have to let loose at some point. However, Prince Andrew is the only member who’s claimed to not like to party.

These photos don’t just contradict his claim, they bring his character into question. His willingness to lie so blatantly speaks of someone with a weak moral code. Coupled with the allegations he’s facing, it paints the picture of someone with the will & ability to lie when it suits their needs.

Chris Von Aspen prince andrew


Not much is known about Chris Von Aspen other than she once partied hard with Prince Andrew. She was born in the deep South of the U.S. and her real name is Christine Vonaspern. She moved to Hollywood to make it as a singer only to become – according to an associate – the Olympic gold medallist of social climbing.

Aspen was initially linked to producer Brad Holms, older than her by thirteen years. On the night in question, though, she was allegedly dating Bruno Phillipponant. At the time, Phillipponant was acting as French Foreign Legion Officer & Mission Officer to Prince Albert II.

Regardless, Aspen wasn’t spending time with Holms or with Philloppant. She was apparently dancing the night away in the arms of a ne’er-do-well Duke with a tendency toward partying too hard. Chris Von Aspen has since faded from public memory, but her association with Prince Andrew has returned her to the social spotlight.

Chris Von Aspen prince andrew

Party too hard

At first glance, the photos of Chris Von Aspen & Prince Andrew seem innocent. They both seem intoxicated and in the midst of having a good time. Yet, the details from behind-the-scenes paint a creepier picture.

Haitian artist Jeffery Dread was the one who introduced the two to each other. He’s also the one sharing the terrifying details of the Duke’s behavior with her. Dread claims Prince Andrew followed her throughout the night. He adds the Duke even followed her to the bathroom at some point.

It’s possible Dread feels guilty for introducing his friend to the creepy forty-seven-year-old. It’s also possible he’s exaggerating his involvement for clout. What’s definitively true, though, is Prince Andrew partied harder than he’d like to admit.

Chris Von Aspen prince andrew

Tall Tales

Prince Andrew has been trying to clean up his image in light of the allegations against him. Part of his attempts has included denying his party animal ways. Yet, the photos of him cozied up with twenty-seven-year-old Chris Von Aspen reveal the truth.

It wouldn’t be the first time the scandal-prone Duke has been caught in a lie. He tried to downplay his friendship with Epstein. Then photos came forward of him hanging out with the convicted pedophile and spending time at his New York home.

Prince Andrew’s past behavior has been under the microscope of public scrutiny since the allegations came to light. Whatever claims to innocence he might’ve had are rapidly disappearing as more photos are revealed. Only time will tell which photo will have the final say.

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