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We've curated a list of all the best queer TV shows to watch during this year's pride month – or really any time of the year.

The perfect LGBTQ TV shows to watch for Pride Month

There has never been a better time for LGBTQ representation on television. While an accurate portrayal of LGBTQ individuals is still a dream, we have come a long way from the days of offensive stereotypes. These characters are no longer just present as supporting characters or comic relief, but as protagonists with solid storylines of their own.

Queer content is now streaming across platforms & services and, honestly, we watch all of it with pride. (Pun intended.) Here are the best LGBTQ TV shows you can watch right now to celebrate Pride Month.

Sex Education

A high school comedy’s not what one would expect at the top of this list, but its called Sex Education, so give it the benefit of the doubt. Teenage representation on the screen can often be clichéd, but Sex Education is packed with great characters, faultless wit, and warm storytelling. We deserve to see a well-adjusted gay teen after all the tumult we see LGBTQ characters going through elsewhere.


Did you know that Pose is the first television series ever that features transgender women of color in leading roles? Pose is an important piece of storytelling as it traces the ballroom community’s history, leaving nothing out. It’s a bold concept and we are all in.


If you’re a fan of dark comedy, you’ll love the Emmy-nominated EastSiders. It follows the life of a gay couple and their friends in the hipster enclave of Silver Lake, Los Angeles. EastSiders has generous doses of everything one could want for entertainment: relationship drama, drugs, infidelity.

Tales of the City

You probably don’t remember the original Tales of the City, an adaptation of the novels of Armistead Maupin. We’re talking about the 2019 miniseries which is a revival of the 1993 show. Mary Ann returns to San Francisco and reunites with her chosen family. This is a rare chance to see Laura Linney, Paul Gross, Barbara Garrick, and Ellen Page together on screen.

Schitt’s Creek

We don’t care how sadist it sounds: when a wealthy family goes broke, it’s bound to be hilarious. You can ask anyone who’s watched Schitt’s Creek – it’s very easy to fall in love with this show. Schitt’s Creek isn’t hugely LGBTQ-focused, but we see one crucial character exploring his sexuality. It doesn’t hurt that Schitt’s Creek is one of the most comforting comedies in recent times.

Will and Grace

One should not expect a lot from a show that started airing in 1998 – but Will and Grace, despite its imperfections, has made it to the list. It’s the story of Grace Adler and her gay male best friend named Will Truman. Granted, some jokes may not have aged well, but it’s still referenced as a groundbreaking sitcom when it comes to LGBTQ representation.

One Day at a Time

Chronicling the story of the Alvarez family, One Day at a Time is heartwarming and hilarious. Although the show is about the entire Cuban immigrant family, matriarch and newly single Army veteran Penelope stands out. 

The reason One Day at a Time has made it to our list is because of its sensitive depiction of Elena’s realization about her sexuality. Her coming-out experience is also handled very empathetically. One Day at a Time was nominated for three Emmys and a GLAAD Award; it’s also safe to watch with your family and laugh together.

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