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Potential DUI Consequences You Might Face

Drunk driving is the major cause of accidents all over the world which causes property damage and loss of life. Both these damages are expensive. Driving under the influence causes them to lose control and drive recklessly, resulting in bumping and crashing on the road. 

That’s why the cops patrol when it gets a little late at night to ensure people aren’t driving under the influence. The police use an alcohol test called Breathalyzer, where you are supposed to breathe out to measure the blood alcohol level. If you are clean, they will let you go; if not, you have to face the legal consequences and penalties. 

However, if you are arrested or falsely accused of DUI, you can immediately get in touch with a DUI defense lawyer. This blog walks you through the DUI penalties and consequences you might have to face if you are proven guilty. So continue reading as we understand more about the process in detail. 

Potential DUI Consequences You Might Face

Prison Time Or Jail

You may face several penalties if you are convicted of DUI, including fines, imprisonment, mandatory alcohol evaluation and treatment, probation, community service, etc. However, in many countries, you might not be imprisoned for long as a first-time DUI offender because your action will be treated as a misdemeanor. 

In contrast, you may still be required to spend a minimum of jail time if convicted. But if you’ve been found drunk driving regularly or caused major accidents and bodily injuries, you will have to spend a long time in jail. 

License Revoke And Suspension

Another consequence is that your license might be revoked or suspended if you are convicted of DUI or even if you refuse to take an alcohol test. In many states, legal authorities suspend a driver’s license as part of your sentence. 

The suspension term is usually 90 days in many states, but it may vary depending on your frequency of offenses. However, with the help of DUI defense lawyers, you can apply for a restricted license which will help you to drive to school, college, work, or rehab. If your license is regularly suspended, it might even get revoked. 

Fines And Compensation

Being convicted of DUI can also be expensive for you, depending on the severity of your case. Fines and compensation may range from $300 to $3000. If you’ve caused some serious damage, injured someone, or, worst, killed them, you may have to pay huge compensation to their families. 

If you have damaged their car under the influence, the compensation price may be lower than in the earlier case. You have to pay a fine to the cops under various circumstances. You may also have to install an ignition interlock device. Your car won’t start if your blood alcohol level is higher than normal. 

Wrapping Up

It’s very important that you follow the right traffic rules, or it might cost you heavily. Driving under the influence may put you in jail, get your license suspended, and you might also have to pay heavy compensations and fines. 


So, to avoid all that, avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. You can get in touch with DUI defense lawyers if you are falsely accused or if you need help with other legal procedures.

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