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Playing online carrom: History and rules

Carrom is one of the most famous and traditional board games. It is a multi-player board game based on a set of rules. The game aims to slide the pieces of wood into the pockets of the board. This game can now be played on various online platforms through simple carrom board download.

The carrom board game consists of a big square board that has four pockets in the corner. There are two different colors of pieces distributed between the two players. There are nine pieces of each color. If nine dark pieces are chosen by player A, B gets all the light pieces. Now the wooden board is more slippery by spilling some boric acid. All the pieces and the sticker are round. The only difference between the sticker and the pieces is the size. The striker is slightly bigger than the other pieces.

All the pieces are disks shaped and are commonly known as carrom men. Usually, a carrom set has 20 pieces including stickers. Nine carom men are white, nine are black in color, one is the red color carrom queen, and one is a striker.

  • History of the game

Carrom is an Indian-origin board game. It has been played for ages. Later in 1935, carrom gained momentum in Sri Lanka and the country started organizing professional tournaments. In 1988, International Carrom Federation (ICF) was formed and laid some official rules for the game. It is most famous in South Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. Now, carrom is a world-class board game and nations like Italy, the USA, Germany, etc.

People around the globe loved Carrom so much that several online carrom applications have been introduced by the gaming industry. Online carrom board game are convenient to play as they don’t require any equipment and are a hassle-free way to enjoy the traditional game.

  • Rules of Carrom

The International Carrom Federation acts as the governing body for the board game. The association is responsible for ranking carrom players, conducting tournaments, and presenting awards. Different countries might alter and change the rules of the game as per their convenience but the rules stated by IFC are considered firm and known as the laws of Carrom. The rules made by the IFC are the most trusted and commonly used set of guidelines.

Here are some important Carrom Rules laid down by the association.

Carrom Board

The Board must be of good quality and fine wood. A smooth surface that allows the disks to slide well is essential. The board recommended by IFC must be 29 inches. And the underside of the board must be covered by a net.

Carrom Men

The carrom men are wooden or plastic pieces. These are usually 19 in number and must be of the appropriate size. IFC states that the diameter of such disks must not be more than 3.18cm and less than 3.02 cm. The thickness of the pieces must be between 7mm and 9mm. The mass of the disks must not be more than 5.5g.


The striker must be larger than the disks and the diameter should not be more than 4.13cm. The striker should be lightweight and must not have a mass of more than 15 grams. A striker can be made of any material other than metal or ivory.

Stand or Table

The position of the board and players is important for fair play. To ensure the proper height, IFC states that the board should be placed at an appropriate height ranging between 63 cm to 70cm. The board must be placed on a firm base and shouldn’t be shaky.

Stool or a chair

The stool or a Chair used by the players must not be more than 50 cm and less than 40 cm in height. If a chair is being used, it must be armless.

Some other basic game rules.

  • Each player is assigned a color and he/she must pocket the disks of the color assigned to gain a point.
  • The queen is earned by pocketing another carrom men on the same strike.
  • Shooting styles might vary but all players must flicker the striker and not push it.
  • The game consists of 25 points.
  • If the queen and the carrom men are pocketed at once, the queen won’t be considered and it has to be placed back.
  • If any player pockets his striker in a proper stroke, his turn shall be lost, and one of his disks will be given to the opponent. Such a penalty is called a due.
  • Any player can pocket any piece during the game but if anybody pockets the queen before the last piece, a penalty shall be imposed.
  • If any Carrom men jump off the board, it is placed in the center again.


These were some general rules of the game that must be followed by everyone. IFC has a complete book of laws for the Carrom and all the international Carrom tournaments are played following the rules. Now you can download carrom online and enjoy the wonderful game.






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