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Are you looking out for the newest photography trends? Influencer Manuel Bechter helps you discover them.

7 New Photography Trends Inspired by Influencer Manuel Bechter

As a creative photography content creator who also models for his own photos, Manuel Bechter is quickly rising in the ranks as people all over the world start imitating his creative photography ideas. 

Manuel Bechter kicked off his social media career in 2019 when first he began taking and posting pictures, using himself as the model, on his social media accounts. Yet, after reaching 5,000 Instagram followers, and purchasing his first camera, he wanted to create more value for his followers and decided to explore creative photography and now his Instagram following has grown to over one million followers. Not only does Bechter post photos that others can recreate themselves on his Instagram profile, TikTok account, and Facebook page, he also posts behind-the-scenes videos of some of his best pictures.

By sharing the photo tricks and ideas behind his creative photos and content, other models and photographers are able to recreate the similar photo ideas or even put their own unique twist on it. Here are a few new photography tips and trends inspired by Bechter’s own creative photography that anyone can use to take that perfect shot. His insider tricks and photo ideas are not only for those with a professional camera but also for smartphone users. 

Be creative as possible

Creative photos have the ability to pull an audience away from the outside world and immerse themselves completely into a photo. Bechter tries to make every photo he takes as creative as possible to ensure that they stand out from ordinary pictures. You can easily experiment with different perspectives and angles, play around with scale, depth and abstracts, and even use some unexpected props and backdrops.

Using the elements

It’s true, as unusual as it may sound, Bechter often uses the natural elements, including water, fire and light to add an essence of uniqueness to his photos and because the natural elements are often unpredictable, you never know how your photos will turn out.

Using water

Using water as a prop in your photo can easily add another dimension and crispness that a photo might not otherwise not have. Water can be used to create amazing illusions and effects in the foreground while water droplets can easily be used to refract objects or subjects to create an amazing water photo.  

Using fire

As dangerous as it sounds, using fire in photos in control settings can yield the most amazing results. It’s also simpler than it sounds, you can use a light to create a light leak, create contrast by using several candles or take photos using professional fire handlers to assist you.

Using light

Playing around with different lighting options can really add different layers to a photo and finding the lighting that is perfect for the photo or scene you aim to capture is essential to taking amazing photos.

Optic illusions and creative effects

Optic illusions in photography compel the audience to take a closer look at a photo, and isn’t this what every photographer wants? Optic illusions can easily be created by playing with abstract concepts and incorporating lights to distort objects or subjects to create visual illusions.

Using creative effects is also a very unique way to make your photos stand out. Creative effects involve various techniques that create photos that may or may not mimic reality. You can use a magnifying glass or explore multiple light sources to get the right effect, the options are endless with creative effects.

Using everyday items as props

The most unexpected props can add a layer of character and interest to a photo, context or scene simply by being there. Incorporating unique props, which can sometimes be as simple as using pasta as Bechter once did, can have the most unique effect.

Manuel Bechter hopes to inspire others

Bechter’s photos and creative photography ideas are imitated by people from all over the world. His goal is to create content and photos that educate and inspire people to pursue creative photography and photography in general in the hope that his posts can help others recreate the same photos with their friends or even put their own unique twist on it. 

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