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Pawan Kumar’s Success Story Begins with Feature Film ‘Highway905’

Image source: Pawan Kumar | PRC Productions Inc.


All cinematic dreams, from paper to screen, take their coveted first steps in the heart of Los Angeles. 

In the film industry, maintaining a fresh perspective is a challenge and a skill that Pawan Kumar (PK), PRC Production Inc.’s CEO and director, has mastered. After premiering his debut feature film, “Highway905”, at the Showcase Cinema on May 31, 2024, he is in the fast lane to showbiz success.

This is a significant milestone for PK and his company in bringing novel stories to the big screen.

All Roads Lead to “Highway905”

Originally from India, PK moved to the United States with a dream of making it in Hollywood. He remained committed to his vision despite numerous challenges, including financial hurdles and intense competition. This is when the concept of “Highway905” came to life.

Written by Amit Chouhan and with Saloni Chouhan in the assistant director chair, PK’s new film explores themes of identity, hardships, and redemption, all wrapped up in a shroud of classic mystery. It stars WWE wrestler David Otunga, Bollywood actress Riya Sen, and emerging actors Jose Eduardo Ramos, Idan Raz, and Abby Gumpper. The film’s production was collaborative, with each cast and crew’s input considered. This reflects PRC Production Inc.’s mission to support diverse talent and storylines within a synergistic environment. 

In the spirit of mystery genres, the feature film centers on the murder of a wealthy man at his home on HWY-905. An Uber driver, a girlfriend, and an ex-girlfriend all become suspects, but the true culprit may still be at large. The stakes rise dramatically when one of the main suspects is found dead, thickening the plot. 

Lights, Camera, Action: A Platform for New Talent

The release of “Highway905” coincides with a significant change in the U.S. film industry. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry is rebounding. Recent statistics indicate immense growth driven by technological advancements and evolving consumer preferences. To that end, PRC Production Inc.’s strategy presents a take on traditional theatrical projects merged with modern distribution methods. 

The company’s core mission is to provide opportunities for new talent in the film industry. Living up to it, PK’s journey from aspiring filmmaker to industry professional inspires many budding artists. By focusing on culturally relevant stories and diverse casting, the company is building doors for underrepresented voices to take their place in the limelight. 

“We want to build a connection between underrated talent and our target audience,” PK says. “Aside from bringing magic to the silver screen, we provide opportunities for aspiring creatives and deliver fresh content that captivates our audience. Mainstream movies and talent are wonderful, but there’s no telling what you might discover when you set out to find hidden gems.”

The Road to the Future of Film

Image by Martin Widenka on Unsplash

As “Highway905” gains attention, PRC Production Inc. establishes itself as a strong newcomer. Determined to expand the boundaries of cinema and let his signature directing style shine, PK and his camera are ready to take the entertainment industry by storm from this film to the next. 

“We are thrilled to be releasing our debut film,” says PK. “All of this was made possible thanks to a fantastic cast and crew. Everyone who has been a part of this movie deserves a standing ovation for their dedication to their craft. I’m grateful and looking forward to the next project.” 

Much like Pawan Kumar’s signature brand of mystery, the future of film is unpredictable. One certain thing, however, is that movie fans are bound to see a lot more of PRC Production Inc. soon.

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