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Parimatch is a betting platform that can help you make tons of money on sporting events. Here's a guide on how to master Parimatch betting.

Parimatch guide to the art of betting

Is it possible to learn the art of betting soon? The question of how to bet correctly on sports is one that worries bettors, so we’ll look for the answers. Today, Parimatch will teach you how to bet correctly.

The key to winning in Parimatch Canada betting is to manage your bankroll correctly. You must not bet amounts at random, or change with every bet.

Betting strategies. Which one to choose

Stick to the strategies you use to get your winnings. The choice of tactics is a decision every bettor must make. Each one needs a skill to be mastered.

A safe and effective betting strategy, which requires patience and endurance, is Miller’s system. The foundation of the strategy is flat betting. The main principles:

  • A certain amount of money is allocated for the pot;
  • The bettor bets at a rate of 1 to 2% of the initial bankroll;
  • Bets are placed until the bank grows by one-third. After that, the betting amount is increased to 2% to 3%.

This strategy is characterized by slow but steady progress. The bettor only needs to correctly predict the outcomes and maintain the swing time. After all, if the initial Pari match bank is 10 thousand, each of the bets will be equal to a hundred or two.

Preliminary analysis before you bet online

A detailed preliminary analysis of a bet online and sporting event is the basis of a good prediction for each sport. If you are betting on football, take a look at the statistics:

  • Percentage of possession;
  • Number of shots on goal and inside the box;
  • Key stats in each encounter;
  • Personal meetings between the opponents;
  • Line-ups of the teams. Whether there are any injured or disqualified players;
  • If the team has any tournament motivation;
  • Whether there is any news, rumour, gossip regarding each of the competitors;
  • The particulars of the referee’s statistics.

It is worthwhile for the Parimatch bettor to fully analyse everything that is known before placing a bet.

When you will turn into professional

Knowing how to make correct predictions on Parimatch Canada comes with experience. You cannot expect a 60 percent pass rate if you have been betting for a week. The quality of the predictions is affected by the knowledge of the sport, betting rules, team statistics. You can start by taking a tip from a bookie, then try reading the results yourself.

To move from amateur bet online level to professional betting, one should:

  • Stick to a specific betting strategy;
  • Learn to analyze the events;
  • Be able to control your psycho-emotional state.

It is actually a lot, so take your time and do it right.


Sports forecasts are made by cappers and experts, but it is the player himself who chooses the strategy. Competent analysis and proper bankroll management can help you make profitable bets, says Parimatch bookmaker. And remember: it is not as difficult to make a couple of profitable bets as it is to get a result over the distance.

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