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While dropping online nearly a month ago, the trailer for movie 'Songbird', produced by Michael Bay, is still drawing much attention. Here's why.

Michael Bay’s pandemic movie trailer: Should we take it seriously?

Welp, folks. He’s as it again, and by ‘it’, we’re of course talking about one thing . . . 

Explosions! 💣

While dropping online nearly a month ago, the trailer for Songbird, produced by Michael Bay, is still drawing much attention, primarily due to the plot’s focus on an exaggerated, albeit relatable, “COVID-23”.

Directed by Adam Mason, the science-fiction thriller Songbird is set to make its way to a VOD service for a premium price on Dec 11, 2020, followed by a premiere date on an unannounced streaming service sometime in 2021. 

The film looks utterly ridiculous, both in its plot and the timing of its release, making much of the general movie audience ask the question of whether this film should be taken seriously or not? 

Songbird plot

The year is 2024, where the coronavirus has now mutated into the deadly COVID-23. So deadly, in fact, that the United States government has issued that all those infected be taken from their homes and placed in quarantine camps, where you’re either left to fight the disease or die trying. 

The film centers around Nico (KJ Apa) & Sara (Sofia Carson), a young couple whose lives take a turn when it’s believed that Sara, who’s been locked inside of her apartment and quarantined from Nico, has been infected by the virus. 

Nico, an immune citizen of Los Angeles, races through the city in an attempt to save Sara from those trying to seize his love and take her away forever. 

Songbird cast

Joining young actors KJ Apa & Sofia Carson are several familiar Hollywood vets, including The Office’s Craig Robinson as Nico’s boss, True Detective’s Alexandra Daddario as a singer, Richard Jewel’s Paul Walter Hauser, G.I. Jane’s Demi Moore, Get Out’s Bradley Whitford, and Peter Stormare as the film’s main antagonist. 

This film does offer some star power, that’s for sure. So why doesn’t this excite us? 

Songbird’s timing

Given today’s real-life struggles with the coronavirus, releasing a movie with a plot with these apocalyptic implications hits a little too close to home, don’t you think?

Songbird is a film that you make AFTER the pandemic we’re currently experiencing, three to five years down the line when we’ve come out of this ordeal with a vaccine, new safety protocols, and an overall booming economy, NOT in the middle of one where many people still have anxieties as to where the coronavirus could take us if we don’t straighten things out. 

This would be like releasing the film 12 Years a Slave a few years before the Emancipation Proclamation.

Is it really the right time to release a COVID-related film that depicts a “worst-case scenario” as we’re still maneuvering within a pandemic of our own?

Michael Bay

Producer Michael Bay has been in this industry long enough to learn the lessons of proper moviemaking strategies, including planting your flag in a prime release slot, theatrically or streaming wise.

The problem is he’s a@$-backward in his thinking, which is probably why we’ve seen a large set of testicles on one of his Transformers Decepticons, because that was a good idea too, right, Mike

It’s clear that Bay thinks he’s capitalizing on today’s woes with Songbird

To be fair, Bay’s responsible for many films that are actually quite good, such as The Rock, 13 Hours, and Bad Boys. He also seemed to have handed the reins of Songbird to his Mr. Hyde alter ego, who’s more reactive in his filmmaking approach rather than proactive. 

As well, even if Bay is just a producer on this project, we’re curious if he was behind the song choice of the twisted cover of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” in the trailer. 

The lack of subtlety & self-awareness behind this entire project is simply astonishing. However, you might disagree. What’s your take on this upcoming movie? Let us know in the comments! 

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  • this is so utterly irresponsible. this is essentially a movie detailing the conspiracy theories running rampant on social media. people are going to eat this up, and not in a good way. this really concerns me; and honestly this movie should be boycotted or michael bay like… held accountable? the worst idea. the absolute worst.

    December 4, 2020

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