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What can’t Harry do with his talent and hefty net worth backing him up? Look what Olivia Wilde has to say!

Did actress Olivia Wilde help her ex Harry Styles boost his net worth?

Can you guess how much moolah Harry Styles is stacking? The One Direction heartthrob turned solo sensation and actor is not just making headlines with his relationships and killer vocals. This time, it’s his staggering net worth that’s making jaws drop!

Let’s take a look into what his wallet looks like now and what his exes have to say about it.

Treasure chest

So, let’s break it down. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Harry Styles is sitting pretty with an estimated net worth of $120 million. Yep, you read that right! But before you imagine Harry taking a bath in a tub full of cash, know that this amount represents the value of all his assets – from real estate to investments.

Why is Harry leading the pack? With One Direction, Harry and his mates broke records like no one’s business. They were the first group in almost sixty years to have their first four albums debut at number one on the Billboard 200.

But that’s not all. After One Direction, Harry didn’t slow down. He raced ahead, charming the world with his solo hits. His solo career skyrocketed, with albums like Fine Line that became anthems for the young and the restless. The song “Watermelon Sugar” alone would be enough to crown him the prince of pop.

And if you thought music was his only cash cow, think again. Harry is also in Hollywood’s radar. His roles in Dunkirk and Don’t Worry Darling are bringing in some serious green.

The breakup

The whispers say it was an amicable breakup. Harry and Olivia, the golden duo, didn’t part ways with drama. No heartache, no throwing plates – just two people parting as friends. They were both in this for nearly two years. Sources close to Page Six spilled that they are “still very close friends”.

Don’t Worry Darling, the buzz-worthy flick that brought them together, saw some ups and downs. With Harry replacing Shia LaBeouf and rumors about Olivia and Florence Pugh not getting along, the set must’ve been like a shaken soda bottle about to pop.

The reaction

Now, while Harry’s bank balance soars, his ex, Olivia Wilde, is showing that breakups can be classy. She recently hit the “like” button on an Instagram video where Harry was killing it on stage. It was a moment that made fans say “aww”.

The Booksmart director’s subtle gesture tells us that exes can be friends, and life goes on. In the whirlwind that is Harry Styles’ life, this warm gesture feels like a sweet pause.

While Harry Styles’ net worth is beyond impressive, his spirit remains grounded. From selling millions of albums to stealing scenes on the big screen, his charisma and talent have proven to be his golden tickets.

And then there’s the legion of fans, whose unwavering support makes Harry a true superstar. Whether it’s his fashionable wardrobe, his melodic voice, or his on-screen charm, Harry Styles has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

Staying grounded

So, as we watch Harry Styles continue to dominate both the music and film industries, it begs the question: What can’t Harry do with his talent and hefty net worth backing him up?


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