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Is Oliver Trevena on the rise? What’s next for the actor? Here’s everything you need to know about his upcoming film 'Paradox Effect'.

Actor Oliver Trevena boards as lead role in ‘Paradox Effect’

The film led by Director Scott Weintrob is now adding Trevena as lead actor, with other cast members of note including the legendary Harvey Keitel, Alice Gerloff, and actress Olga Kurylenko. The supporting cast also includes Talia Asseraf, Meredith Mickelson, and Enjy Kiwan. They are currently filming Paradox Effect in Bari, Italy, a port city in the southern region of the country.

Is Oliver Trevena on the rise? What’s next for the actor? Here’s everything you need to know.

Paradox Effect

In Oliver Trevena’s new film Paradox Effect, an innocent woman (Kurylenko), is forced to confront a dangerous Kingpin (Keitel), who has kidnapped her young daughter, played by Alice Gerloff, and is holding her for ransom. The women team up with a corrupt Interpol agent, played by Trevena, whose son is also being held hostage. Together, they scheme to rip off various other criminals in order to raise a ransom and save their offspring.

Exclusive comments from Director Scott Weintrob, “I am extremely excited to have Trevena star in this film & play the role of Covek. Covek’s character is tough and also has a lot of depth to him, so we needed an actor that can deliver it all. Trevena has incredible talent and we will showcase that in this movie.

Weintrob is an Emmy-nominated director and producer, with the screenplay by Samuel Bartlett, Andrea Iervolino, and Ferdinando Dell’Omo. Producers include Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment via ILBE and Richard Salvatore. Executive produced by David Ornston, Nate Adams, Jeff Bowler, Bret Saxon, and Luca Matrundola.

Oliver Trevena, who co-starred in Plane alongside Gerard Butler which debuted in theatres in January 2023, has been cast as the leading role, a major moment for Trevena who has been quickly moving through the ranks in Hollywood. Another one of his upcoming projects includes The Bricklayer with Aaron Eckhart (Trevena plays his best friend), and Nina Dobrev, filmed in Greece last year and due to be released in 2023.

You can follow Trevena on Instagram @OliverTrevena and keep up with all the latest gossip surrounding his new role in Paradox Effect.

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