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Hollywood Alternative Magic Show

Not The Magic Castle: This Hollywood Alternative Magic Show Is For Everyone

It’s that time of year again as the allure of illusion and wonder takes center stage. Theatre West near Universal City is set to host the enchanting Millennium Magic 2023 from November 17-19. This event marks its grand return since the pandemic, promising an array of mesmerizing performances accessible to all, unlike the exclusive, members-only Magic Castle.


Millennium Magic, a blend of magic and variety acts, features world-renowned magicians who have graced stages from Las Vegas to luxury cruise ships, and even the illustrious Magic Castle itself. This year’s lineup is a vibrant mix of talent, ensuring that each of the three performances over the weekend offers a unique experience, making it tempting for magic enthusiasts to attend them all.

The show is not just a display of extraordinary talent but also a celebration of community spirit. Produced by magicians and actors Jeanine Anderson and George Tovar, both familiar faces in television and stage, the event also serves as a fundraiser for Theatre West, supporting its artistic and educational endeavors. Jeanine, once a hostess at the Magic Castle, brings her experience and charm to the show, making it a hit, especially with children. George Tovar, known for his television credits, adds his unique flair to the event.

This year’s lineup includes renowned names like Kerry Ross, Shawn McMaster, John Carney, Pop Hayden, Michael Rayner, Jonathan Neal, Matt Marcy, Tom Frank, Dennis Forel, Raven & Migz, Chuck Jones, and David Martinez. Each magician brings their own unique style and flair to the stage, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Among the highlights is Michael Rayner, whose non-magical yet magical act of juggling is a crowd-pleaser, known for its creativity and humor. The show also promises short magical segments by the hosts themselves, adding a personal touch to the event.

With its affordable ticket prices and a promise of a fun-filled experience for all ages, Millennium Magic 2023 is more than just a magic show; it’s a community gathering that celebrates talent, joy, and the art of magic. This inclusivity and accessibility set it apart from more exclusive venues, offering a magical experience to everyone.

As the event draws near, anticipation builds up for this magical weekend. Millennium Magic 2023 is not just an alternative to the exclusive Magic Castle; it’s a testament to the universal appeal and joy of magic, open to all who wish to experience the wonder.

Friday, November 17 at 8 p.m.: Kerry Ross, Shawn McMaster, John Carney, Pop Haydn.

Saturday, November 18 at 8:00 p.m.: Charlie Mount, Michael Rayner, Jonathan Neal, Matt Marcy.

Sunday, November 19 at 2:00 p.m.: Dennis Forel, Raven and Migz, Chuck Jones, David Martinez.

Proceeds from this event will support the ongoing artistic and educational activities and programs of Theatre West, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

As this is a one-weekend-only engagement, no complimentary admissions will be available.

WHAT: Millennium Magic 2023. A program of magic and illusion.

WHO: Jeanine Anderson and George Tovar host and produce for Hollywood’s Theatre West. They perform with the area’s finest magicians.

WHERE: Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd.West, in Los Angeles, CA 90068. This is in the vicinity of North Hollywood, Universal City and Studio City. There is parking available in a privately-operated lot across the street (fee charged, credit card only).

Dates: November 17-19, 2023

Venue: Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Boulevard West

Tickets & Information: Theatre West or call 323-851-7977.

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