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NJ Diet is a weight loss supplement designed to get you back into shape. Find out whether its right for you with these reviews.

NJ Diet Reviews – Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

Starting a new diet program often means overhauling your current lifestyle, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. For some, the thought of trying to lose considerable weight on their own is stressful, especially if you’re following a program that isn’t customized to your body. Medically supervised programs are often the missing link for many people wanting to lose large amounts of weight quickly, without sacrificing their overall health and wellbeing.

What Benefits are there to Doctor Supervised Programs?

Any weight loss program is going to have benefits and drawbacks. For many users, having a medically supervised program offers reassurance that their weight loss is going to be done safely and efficiently, without causing deficiencies or a negative impact on their overall health. Unfortunately, there are programs on the market that are low-calorie, low-nutrient formulas that can cause long-term problems for users overall. The NJ Diet brings close monitoring of their participants with the combination of the scientific process.

By looking at each individual, users won’t subject themselves to dangerous crashes or deficiencies. As your DNA testing and medical analysis results come back, a tailored program of diet and supplement requirements is determined. This testing and analysis mean that your specific plan is tailored to your genetic need.

How Often Am I Monitored on the NJ Diet?

Once you begin the NJ Diet program, you’ll be given your medical professional’s phone number and email. Your doctor will be monitoring you twice weekly to ensure your weight loss is safe and effective. Throughout your diet, you’ll be encouraged to reach out to your medical professional at any time with questions, comments, or concerns you have. Once received, your doctor will promptly answer your inquiry or arrange an appointment to handle the situation.

How Does the NJ Diet Work?

Once your complete genetic profile is established, you’ll receive a customized plan for your diet. This program will include a strict meal plan to follow, a list of required supplements, and any exercise routine you’ll be expected to follow. These specific and detailed plans are tailored to your exact biological needs, optimizing your health and wellbeing as you progress through the program. These meal plans are often calorie-restrictive but will be counterbalanced with the supplements to ensure you don’t feel hungry or tired.

Can I Share the NJ Diet with a Loved One?

Due to the highly personalized nature of the NJ Diet, your specific plan will vary considerably from another person’s plan. That’s because your entire genetic makeup is considered before determining the best diet for your success. Due to the highly personalized nature of the program, it makes sharing the diet or supplement plan nearly impossible, even for spouses or adult children. Additionally, this program is designed to coincide with medical monitoring throughout the program. Unfortunately, this monitoring is designed per registered user, leaving other individuals vulnerable without this service. As such, it is never advised to share the meal plan or supplement program with other individuals.

What Happens After the NJ Diet?

After you’ve completed the 40-day program, you’ll work with your medical professionals to establish the maintenance portion of your program. This portion is designed to help you keep the weight off and prevent regaining it in the future. NJ Diet reviews have indicated support through the entire process, meaning you’ll never be left second-guessing how to live your life healthily.

The NJ Diet also provides users with a complete understanding of their genetic makeup, meaning understanding how your body best functions is essential for short-term and long-term success. Through education and important resources, you’ll be supported after the program’s 40-day weight-loss period.

How Much Does the NJ Diet Cost?

Typically speaking, the initial consultation is $99. This consultation will answer any questions you need to know about the program and provide the pre-medical evaluation necessary to establish your program. Many times, the website offers deeply discounted rates for the consultation. For example, at the time of writing, there is a promotion for all new users to register for only $27.

Users are responsible for all meal plan costs (they will be expected to purchase groceries needed to prepare the meals) and the purchasing of required supplements. These supplements ensure a healthy weight loss while on the program without risking nutritional deficiencies and are required to complete the plan. The fee for supplements can vary depending on the user but can range between $900 to $2100 throughout the 40-day program.

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