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NFL is returning and fans are rejoicing. If you’re still struggling with the wait, here are some great NFL memes to take the edge off.

Can’t wait for football season? Laugh at these great NFL memes

With August right around the corner, NFL fans are celebrating the short wait for another thrilling season. Despite the global pandemic interrupting most professional sports around the world, much of the United States’ professional leagues have resumed – though not without hardships.

Despite rumors of the football season being postponed – due to the fact August preseason was cancelled – its traditional kickoff is still planned for September 10, when the Houston Texans will face the Kansas City Chiefs. If you’re still struggling with the wait, here are some great NFL memes to take the edge off. 

Dak Prescott: Best QB in the NFL

If your fantasy football team was on the end of a weekly blowout last season, it may have been because your opponent had Dak Prescott in their fantasy roster. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is nothing if not talented, and arrogant to match – if you believe memes like this one.

The once-hopeful Prescott slowly made his way down the table of favor, despite his second-place finish in 2019’s top passers. It looks like Andy Dalton may be gunning for Dallas’s top QB spot this year – watch out, Dak.


The one fans can live without 

Football fans rejoice – soon you’ll be able to watch your favorite players in your living room once a week, in all their high definition glory. Like welcoming back a member of our family, it’s always great to see star athletes return for another season – well, most of them at least.

No matter how hard they plead, there’s always one player on every team fans are keen to get rid of. So before he drops another touchdown pass, tell your team’s biggest “clown” to get off the field and try another sport – or convince him to sign with a rival.

One big, passionate NFL family 

Even fans attracted to the rougher nature of the game were shocked at the final seconds of last year’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns game – you know, the one where Myles Garrett attacked Mason Rudolph with his own helmet? 

As much as we all love a good player brawl, it’s even funnier watching the futility of the refs as they try to settle it on the field. We’re hoping we get the same level of passion in the playoff fight for 2020 – minus all the fines and suspensions of course. 

Passing for the win

If anyone knows the key to winning is passing the ball to your star players, it’s former Laker great, Kobe Bryant – after all, the man single-handedly won games on more than one occasion. 

We won’t enter the “Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in the NFL” debate, but we all know what happens when he successfully finds his receivers  – just ask Seahawks fans. Okay, that was mean; but if you’re on the losing end, wouldn’t you rather lose while watching some incredible, athletic catches? 

Who needs a Tim Tebow? 

The Denver Broncos did to win the 2011 AFC West Division Championship, but that didn’t stop Tebow from falling out of favor with fans, coaches, and pundits alike during his short – albeit, statistically successful – run in the NFL.

Even with Tebow’s stint on the Patriots, there’s no scenario we could imagine which sees Bill Belichick bring in Tebow to complement any quarterback – least of all former Pats great, Tom Brady. NFL fans know loopy decisions and trades will plague the 2020 season like any other – just sit and pray it’s not your team on the junk end. 

Every team’s wishlist 

Every fan thinks they know what’s best for their team – better management, a receiver who can see the ball, or that one big name who’ll bring you a Super Bowl title. But as all the screaming from your living room might indicate, it’s really not up to us. 

We sometimes go to extremes to express our dissatisfaction with a person or portion of the franchise we support – because we love them like we do our own families. Either way, here’s wishing 2020 will fulfill all our deepest, darkest football desires. 

Our favorite players: All grown up

It’s incredible to look back over the years to see where that Super Bowl-winning quarterback came from. We’re not sure LSU’s 2019/20 CFP National Championship-winning quarterback Joe Burrow is really Kevin McCallister – but have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time? 

Either way, it’s nice to see one of the best quarterbacks in college football get his big call-up in the NFL , even if it means he won’t be winning another championship anytime soon – sorry Cincinnati fans. 

The quarterback of your nightmares

Face it – good defense wins games, and so do great quarterbacks. But not this guy, a Frankenstein’s monster-mashup of some of the worst traits of the most notable QBs in football – and many aren’t even part of their gameplay. 

Every celebrity athlete brings some of their baggage into the spotlight, and when it carries onto the field or into the locker room, it can be as funny as it is cringey. Let’s just hope the stars have their names in the papers for all the right reasons in 2020. 

Drew Brees: The man with one Super Bowl 

At age forty-one, Drew Brees is still going strong with the New Orleans Saints, even amidst rumors 2020 was to be his last. Nearly two decades into his NFL career, one of the most decorated players in the league has only won one Super Bowl. 

Brees’s determination may mean several more seasons for the veteran quarterback, and he’s certainly aged since he was drafted in 2001. If Brees wants to keep playing through his 70s, why not let him? Just make sure he’s on a team with a better OL than the Saints.

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