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New Profile Search App Helps Women Catch Her Cheating Partner On Tinder

A New York women caught her cheating partner red handed on Tinder with the help of a new app that helps people to conduct sweapingly accurate profile searches. I assure you that Alice’s experience is not unique. As a child, she always hoped that some aspect of her life would stand out and distinguish her in some manner. But let’s be honest, if you don’t put your mental health first, you’ll suffer and your life won’t be all that remarkable.

She was brought up by a single mother in Brooklyn, New York and never got to meet her father because he abandoned her when she was just a few months old, if we can even call him that. You know how it goes: he was too young to be a father or whatever the jazz was. Alice’s mother did her best to raise her and set a good example for her.

She had short-lived relationships and had never been able to figure out why. Was she too insistent? Too attached? Not slim enough? She couldn’t grasp it.

This is how Alice felt up until she met her partner. She truly believed she was in a movie because he was so charming and romantic. He didn’t hesitate to get close to her and he never desired to be apart from her either. He never thought she was overly clinging, demanding, or not attractive enough. Alice felt like a 10 in his eyes. To be honest, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Alice dated him for 4 years and got married. They had two kids, and she thought everything was fine. She couldn’t be happier to have created life with someone who she thought was the sweetest person ever. He never talked down on her or raised his voice, he never made her feel disrespected in any way. Alice felt she could trust him with her life. But unfortunately, that all came crushing down soon after their second child was born.

He stopped complimenting her and never asked how her day was going. He would no longer hold the door open for her; it would close shut after he passed. When they were talking, his eyes didn’t meet hers since he was thinking about something else. He was clearly pulling away, but she couldn’t determine why. Was he exhausted because they had a new baby? He seemed to dislike her postpartum body. Alice  felt as though she could not breathe because of how her thoughts had engulfed and drenched her.

Her partner cheating would never have crossed her mind, though. When they went outside, he was the kind of person who would always treat her with respect and never glance at other ladies. He constantly made it clear that he only wanted monogamous relationships and that anything else was strange. Although she had faith in him, Alice couldn’t help but wonder whether he had let someone else into his heart.

Alice’s best friend told her about a website that checks to see if your guy is on Tinder or not. She had her convinced in no time at all. “You don’t even have to sign up for it or have a Tinder account. The procedure is actually the simplest ever. Check to see if Brad is there” Alice initially convinced herself that it would be stupid for her to search Brad’s Tinder profile because if he found out, he would feel like his privacy had been utterly violated, and it would make her seem weird. What if he was there, though? If so, would Alice really be so crazy?

Alice was debating this for days till she finally went on the website and run a tinder profile search on him. When they discovered him on Tinder, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Not only that, but he last swiped a few hours ago. She sobbed and was unable to speak for a few hours. This time in her life was so horrible that just thinking about it makes her eyes water. Despite having recently welcomed their second child, Alice made the quick decision that her relationship with him was over and that it would be better for them to call it quits.

Relationships can experience a variety of issues, but the dishonest behavior must never be forgotten. Alice wouldn’t have left him if he had admitted to feeling stressed out and having these feelings. But when he made the choice to break the relationship for his own gain, it tore them apart as a group. It took a lot of counseling and time for Alice to figure out how to rebuild her family and herself without him. But she feels stronger today than when she was dating him because of the pain she went through. Although he had apologized to her for using Tinder, Alice hadn’t forgotten about it.

3 Ways technology can assist with a tinder profile search 

Although its not entirely clear how these agencies help people catch their cheating partners, some information available to us suggested that these are the ways:

#1. AI assisted image search

Except the standard keyword search, the AI Reverse Image Search is a fantastic tool for finding online content.

#2. Location Based Radius Searching

Automated or manual, research can be done within a specified radius around a location of the potential cheater. With advance searches, this can also be done nationally.

#3. Insider Connections

We are not suggesting that Silicon Valley companies are corrupt and that data is not safe, however it is entirely possible to catch a cheater if an insider connection is available to help with it. Many lawyers and private detectives have for years relied on insider connections so Tinder profile search companies might be doing the same.

How to know if a partner is cheating?

Cheating is a terrifying word in terms of romantic relationships. We are all familiar with this terrifying fact. It might have involved our parents, friends, or former partnerships.

We run the danger of being harmed when we commit to a relationship. Is my partner cheating? We don’t want to ask ourselves that question. But what if there are already minute indications of dishonesty? How can we handle it?

Learn the first signs your partner is cheating

They never seem to be focused.

Despite the fact that you are all under the same roof, they seem to be absent. They are not “in the moment.” You need to repeat what you just stated or call their name more than twice.

It’s acceptable to act in this way occasionally; perhaps your partner is considering work. What if, though, they are preoccupied with someone else?

They purchase new clothing and fragrances.

Here is yet another plainly visible warning indicator. Is your lover suddenly more self-conscious of their appearance?

We all know the temptation to look our best when attracted to someone, just like a teen in love. They can be trying to boost their self-esteem by getting new clothes, a new hairstyle, and perfume, or they might be trying to win over a new person.

You observe they frequently exhibit mood swings.

It makes you sad to see them become upset with you, but what if they transforms back into the super-sweet companion they always were?

What is happening?

One of the typical indicators that they are  unquestionably cheating on you is this. Partners always lash out when they are seeing someone else because they feel guilty, angry, and confused. They then trie to make it up after feeling bad about it.

Final take:

They made the decision to co-parent amicably and not allow their divorce interfere with their kids’ lives. Right now, the only thing that matters to her is that he is a decent father. What they had is history but it gave her two kids and she wouldn’t trade them for the world. Catching a cheating partner will likely upend the world for many people, but it can also save them from years of misery and deceit. 


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