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Negotiating with iPhone wholesalers: Tips for getting the best deal

Perhaps one of the most booming businesses in the market is reselling used iPhones. Whether you are looking to buy iPhones in bulk or require them for daily working tasks of your business, sourcing good products from a reliable iPhone wholesaler is important. Purchasing iPhones in bulk is a great way to save money as the older versions are significantly low in price than the new models. Moreover, it is the simplest way to get the latest technology to resale or acquire for your business. When planning to resale used or refurbished iPhones, it is important that you invest less and secure a good profit margin. Many suppliers offer good discounts when you purchase in bulk. In case you are purchasing from a supplier without this benefit, negotiating can be a lot more complex. Negotiating with wholesalers is very tricky especially if you are new to this sector. Also, you cannot skip this part to get the best deals. In this article, we are going to share some tips on how you can negotiate with iPhone wholesalers to get the best deals at fair prices for your business. 

2nd life phones

2nd life phones is a budget-friendly iPhone wholesaler in the entire US. The online platform provides a huge inventory filled with nearly every model of Apple iPhone. Complying with high standards of integrity, all their products are in the best condition and working order. Moreover, each phone is fairly priced and is at market-competitive rates. So there is no chance that you get are overcharged. For bulk purchases, 2nd life phones offers notable discounts which further makes it an affordable supplier for all. In this way, retailers and resellers can get more profit from their customers. The supplier offers a win-win situation for everyone. So, get the best iPhone deals from 2nd life phones and maximize your revenue. 

Tips for Negotiating with iPhone Wholesalers

If you are new in this game then negotiating can be a lot complex. Negotiating is important and it cannot be skipped. Certain tips must be kept in mind in order to increase your chances of getting the best deals at low prices. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Carry out your research

Before you begin negotiating with your supplier, you need to carry out research before. Check out what are the average prices of different phone models in the market. Find out what terms and conditions other suppliers are offering for bulk orders. This will give an idea about the market trends and provide a baseline so you can negotiate productively. 

  • Build a relationship

Building a loyal and trustworthy relationship with your supplier is important. This helps you in the long run to get good deals and occasional discounts. Consider them for your future purchases. By building a strong bond, you are likely to get good terms and conditions and prices. 

  • Walk away if needed

One of the major mistakes retailers often make is to be eager to close a deal. Show a rush to make a deal will lower your chances to get low prices. Walk away from the supplier if the prices and conditions are not in your favor. Consider going to the next supplier if you don’t get the deals and prices you wanted them to. 

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  • Consider negotiating in person

Online negotiations are not possible. Consider negotiating in person as they are more effective and deliver more positive outcomes to you. In this way, you can easily analyze your supplier and can give you an idea of how flexible they can be. Moreover, you can get a detailed discussion in person rather than by phone or email. 

  • Show flexibility

You must be flexible yourself too. Being flexible can help you get other benefits and still get you a great deal. For example, if your wholesaler does not negotiate much on price then you can ask for some other advantages like payment in installments, free shipping, or an extended refund policy. 

  • Always ask for a discount

Lastly, never forget to ask for a discount from your supplier. This is something you shouldn’t be hesitant about. Even if your wholesaler does not offer it, you are entitled to ask for one. Many suppliers offer a discount on bulk orders so it is worth asking. It can always save you a lot. 


Negotiating is important to save money and get high revenue in turn. The above-mentioned tips will help you stay within your budget and with just a few thousand, you can get a huge pile of phones. For us, the best iPhone wholesaler is 2nd life phones. The store has good-quality iPhones at low prices. So, without feeling the need to negotiate, 2nd life phones already offers the best possible deals in town.

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