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Movie nights are always a blast. Here are some fun and unique ideas to enjoy during your movie nights.

Fun and Unique Ways to Enjoy a Movie Night

Since we’re struggling in a pandemic, it became almost impossible to enjoy a movie without worrying about our safety. Moreover, the prices of movie tickets could sometimes be over the top.

So, let’s just stay in. Although watching a movie while eating edibles, gummies, or  trying out other CBD products from Kush Capital would be an excellent option, we actually think that trying out these tips to have a great movie night would sound better:

Create a theme

Who said you couldn’t have fun once you’re an adult? That doesn’t apply to us!

If you’d like to stand out among the rest, we recommend making your theme for the movie night. Think of something that interests you. Is it Disney-related or something else?

Frankly, it’ll be better if you’d partner your theme with the genre of the movies you’ll be watching. So, if you decide to binge-watch horror movies, then wearing the costumes based on your favorite horror character would go perfectly with it!

Don’t forget to decorate the place with scary stuff, like fake spider webs or sole gore ornaments, if you have the guts for that. Additionally, it’ll be ideal that your snacks are aligned with the color theme.

This adds excitement and makes your guests anticipate the start of the movie night.

Use a large screen

Of course, you’d want to make sure that everyone would be able to view the movie, so ensure that you’re using a large screen.

Fortunately, some businesses would be willing to rent you a state-of-the-art screen with a concert-grade sound system to make the experience more realistic for all.

Check if the projector you’re using is compatible with the screen first. In general, having a Full HD 1080p would do the job as long as your screen is in the 100-inch range.

Have a snack bar

Let’s get real. Who doesn’t like eating snacks while watching a movie? Finally, we could munch on our favorite food without the frustration of being escorted out of the theater.

A movie night allows you to do what you want, including setting up the snack bar of your dreams.

There is a wide selection of choices. You could choose to opt for a popcorn bar, along with some sweets for a balanced palate. On the other hand, you could also insist on following the theme, so all of your snacks would reflect the same look as everything else.

What’s more, is that you could design it according to your expectations. For instance, if you’ve been craving a cake, then buying a plain cake would do the trick. Once you reach your home, you could begin redecorating it with your peers.

Not only did you make a fabulous snack, but you were also able to bond with the people you love. And that sounds like a win-win situation for us!

Add an intermission

If you expect a small attendance due to the COVID-19 restrictions, incorporating an intermission between the movie’s screen time would be beneficial.

Remember that a single movie could take 2 hours alone, and sitting or lying for that long could encourage muscle sores among your guests. So, please plan ahead to give way to stretching exercises or the use of facilities, and we’re sure that the cliffhanger moment would make it more exciting!

You could even host activities, like coloring for children and trivia for the adults, to gear towards the film.

These tips would work more efficiently if you communicate with your invitees beforehand to guarantee that each of you is on board!

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