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If you want to let your mom know how thankful you are for her, send her some of these memes. Here are memes to make her laugh.

Mom memes: Celebrate your loving mother by sending her these

All families are different, but we can agree mothers are amazing. Having a child can be extremely difficult. How do they manage to take care of another human being, no matter how miniscule?

If you want to let your mother know how thankful you are for her, send her some of these memes. They’re also meant to be sent to any person who raised you. Hopefully these memes will brighten up their day.

Mother of dragons

Babies can bring so much joy. They’re adorable, and it’s amazing to witness how they discover the world. If only we could just get the cute parts.

Your mother deserves praise for everything she did. If you have a kid, you’ve been through the struggle of dressing them. Even simple tasks with a toddler can potentially take a lot of time & effort. We don’t blame our mothers for getting a little frustrated for us not bending the knee.

Not again, please

It’s not unusual for kids to call out for their mother several times a day. After all, kids need help with pretty much everything. Mothers are always willing to help, but they also get tired after a while. Sure, mothers know this is part of the deal – but we can’t blame them for feeling a bit tired after the hundredth time they hear “mommmm”. 

Just wait ‘til we get home

Remember when you did something bad in public, but your mother couldn’t tell you to stop because you were in public? We saw this meme and immediately remembered all the times we went through this.

We wonder if mothers learn how to smile so sweetly – yet threateningly – at the moment they give birth. How else could it be so universal?

“Now you hate apples?”

It’s hard to get kids to eat a balanced diet. Most of the time kids aren’t willing to eat vegetables – or anything good for them, really. It’s also as if every week they find some other food to dislike.

Mothers try really hard to feed their kids. We’re sorry for making it hard on them to make us dinner.

Back to school

For most kids, going back to school means not being able to have fun anymore. For most mothers, it’s the opposite. When it’s back to school season, some moms can time to focus on their own jobs & interests – or even just relax if possible. 

We can imagine how hard the lockdown has been on so many mothers. With the pandemic, they probably won’t be able to enjoy the back to school period. Hopefully things will improve soon so they can feel at ease knowing their kids are safe, and also enjoy some time on their own.

Sunday nights

Every kid in the universe is bound to forget their homework up to the last minute. It’s usually Sunday night when most kids remember they have to bring something for a school project. 

With this meme, we now have confirmation of how other beings in this universe have the same struggles as we do. Here’s to all the extraterrestrial mothers out there.


We’re glad mothers have someone to rely on when they feel stressed. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for a mother to raise a child without any friends around? This mother’s lucky to have a friend who’s got her back when she’s not making the right decisions.

We know our mothers wouldn’t change us for the world. We can also perfectly understand what this mother meant with this text. We can totally see how mothers can finish a day feeling frustrated – kids are hard work.

Actually, can we get some more?

Mothers have to be in charge of many different things related to their children. We know they can feel really stressed about everything. After all, we get really stressed even when we’re only taking care of ourselves. 

If only things were this easy, though. We really wish laying with lots of lavender flowers on top would do the trick. 

I’m feeling lucky

It must be incredibly hard for mothers to find time to relax. Wouldn’t it be amazing if mothers could take days off? Unfortunately, they’re stuck with having to come up with ridiculous excuses to rest for a bit.

If faking a coma doesn’t work, maybe next time they can Google how to convince a child it’s the international day of staying quiet.

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