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Microsoft Office is one of the best writing platforms online. Find out how to save files by using Microsoft Office.

New Way to Save Files on Microsoft Office

An Overview: SOS Click

SOS Click is an add-on used for Microsoft Office that allows you to save your contents at different places at the same time. The add-on works on Google Drive, Dropbox, E-mail addresses, local hard drives, and more other types of locations. SOS Click add-on works with Word docs, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft Office allows you to without difficulty save files at multiple places, but saving at multiple places can take up little bit time. 

If you need to save the files to a link of cloud services, or if you wish to save files to the cloud as well as your PC, and a flash drive, you could end up by clicking around fairly a bit to save your files. SOS Click is an add-on for Microsoft Office that aspires to modernize saving from corner to corner multiple locations.

What Do You Need to Know About SOS Click?

As you know, SOS Click works with Word docs, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations, and it allows you to save these documents to E-mail addresses, Google Drive, Dropbox, flash drives, and quite a lot of other types of locations. 

The main purpose of the add-on is to eliminate user’s frustration because of a technical failure like a failed hard drive, corrupted flash drive or loss of internet connectivity. Along with the add-on should make it easy to save files to a variety of places it can also save your worthy time. For example, you would like to keep local copies of files on your tool while also updating the version in a database you allocate from side to side a cloud service.

How Can You Use SOS Click?

There are some simple steps that help you to use SOS Click are described below:

Set Up SOS Click Where You Want to Use:

It is suggested that to set up at least one online location like an e-mail address or Google Drive. If there is an E-mail address you do not like to use for a particular file, you may stop it for the moment. You can also enable or disable the auto save function, and keep past versions with a time stamp or share settings of the add-on with Word, Excel and PowerPoint if you use the same settings for these applications in its place of a separate pattern for each.

If You Ready Then You Can Save Your Progress:

In order to save your work progress by using the add-on for Microsoft Office, simply start over the SOS Click icon set and click on the life belt icon to save your data to all configured locations. A small prompt will become visible at the bottom left corner of the relevant Microsoft Office application to indicate where the file is being saved. You can also change the settings by simply clicking.

How You Can Download SOS Click?

You can download the SOS Click add-on for Microsoft Office from our website

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