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Have no fear, we're here to save your gif game. Drop these meme gifs in at the crucial time and you will go far, young gif padawan!

Like to slay your group chat with memes? Use these hilarious gifs

Ah the group chat, the most important chat anyone could be a party to. You’re with your squad and your fam, spilling all the hot goss and whatnot. But what really happens in group chat is who can use the best gifs to their advantage. More importantly, who can use the best meme gifs for that crucial moment. 

For those of you hoping to up your meme and gif game within the group chat. Have no fear, Film Daily’s here to save your gif game. These 10 gifs below are classics in the land of meme gifs for a good reason. Drop these in at the crucial time and you will go far, young gif padawan! 

1. Shut up and take my money

Ah Futurama. You just gotta love the high quality memes that have come out from such a series. This is perfect when a friend keeps talking about that one thing you just have to have and you break.

2. Byyyyyyyeeee

Principal Skinner escaping out the window. Great use for when you don’t want to be involved in whatever drama is going down in the chat.

3. Flaming Elmo

Flaming Elmo, Lord of Darkness, is just a great gif for any situation. Namely, however, enjoy and embrace the chaos of his inherent nature.

4. Neat

Another Futurama one, but also versatile and good for many situations. 

5. Evil Kermit slap

Sometimes, the Dark Side wins and slaps you in the face. 

6. Pumpkin man dance

Pumpkin man dance usually comes out for the month long celebration of Halloween, but if you’re the kind of person who is spoopy all year, then use him! 

7. Kermit drinks the tea

Group chat is for life and also for spilling/sharing the tea. Kermit loves the tea.

8.Both is good

The Road to El Dorado was such a great movie, but this gif is now iconic. Great for when there are two options that are both equally correct.

9. Toast

No one probably remembers this film version of The Great Gatsby, but this gif of Leo with the champagne glass? Perfect for every celebration.

10. Deku rock

Doesn’t matter if you know My Hero Academia or not, this gif of baby hero Deku rocking back and forth in excitement is, well, perfect for when the feelings are too much.

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