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Looking for a good meme about marriage? We've compiled all the best (and weirdest) memes on the subject the internet has to offer.

Can a man marry a cat? The strangest memes about marriage

Marriage means commitment, it means hard work and compromise to take the time to get to know your significant other. Also if they can’t talk that just means you can never have any arguments!

The norms & conventions of getting married are changing all the time but where some people shake things up by getting married underwater or keeping separate bank accounts others choose to marry a tad more . . . strangely. 

Well, like Beyoncé said “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it” and these people took her literally. Here are a few memes featuring some of the weirdest marriages out there.


Getting serious

Wow, when you want to know, but you also don’t. 

Get yourself a snuggly bae

Who knew you could find the love of your life in the home goods aisle at Target?

A branch too far

The tree deserves better.


And thus the human race slowly died off. 

Doing the math

If love were a number it would be irrational.

The death of a marriage

When your favorite couple breaks up and you realize love is a lie. 

It’s your special day

Because you’re a catch and you deserve someone like you.

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