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Netflix’s dive into the wealthy lifestyle of Mexico's social elite with 'Made in Mexico'. Here's why you should watch 'Made in Mexico'.

‘Made in Mexico’ needs to be your new trash TV obsession

Mexicans, it’s your turn to get an obnoxious reality show made about the .1% that 100% do not represent who you are! Americans have 16 versions of The Real Housewives, Asians have Singapore Social, and now, Mexicans have Made in Mexico.

Netflix’s dive into the wealthy lifestyle of Mexico’s social elite, Made in Mexico, takes a close look at the life of the rich and those trying to break into the circle. In a world where the stigma around Mexicans is nothing but negative, Netflix tried to put a more positive spin on it. But jokes on them, as the Internet hated it more than anything else for a solid week. 

The trash is still entertaining

But even if it’s easily one of the worst things Netflix put into the world, Made in Mexico is just trashy enough to keep people interested. We can’t keep our eyes away like a car crash. Unlike most reality shows where things are staged and not always happening in real time, this story tries to tell the story in a new way. 

The stars don’t act like the cameras aren’t there, and the celebrities don’t try to act like their friends. It feels like an authentic drama when the drama goes down. Made in Mexico isn’t going to be on anyone’s Top 10 list, but there’s some entertainment to get out of this reality trash pile.

There’s the ever-loving villain you’ll hate

No reality TV show is complete without a villain you’ll hate. We’re not going to go into it, but just look up Hanna Made in Mexico on Twitter and you’ll learn how much the entire world hates her. So while we’ll hate everyone equally, we’ll hate Hanna just a little more. 

A show set in Mexico that’s in English

Granted, we’ve learned to get over the dumb barrier of subtitles thanks to amazing international content like Money Heist and The Untamed. But even though this show is in Mexico City, the entire show is in English. So if you want to watch intense drama and yelling while 100% understanding what is going on, you’re covered. 

The drama is dumb and unrelatable

If you wanted to watch a show where the drama is solely first world problems, Made in Mexico has you covered. Of course, we should’ve expected that from a show all about rich people. But we can’t help but find ourselves sucked in the lackluster drama of Mexico City’s elite. 

It makes you really judge your life

Don’t lie to yourself: if you could go and party with celebrities, you would. Made in Mexico gets you invested in their lives more than you should be, and you find yourself jealous of their lavish lifestyle. Just like the show itself, you know you shouldn’t care at all about what their lives are like, but you find yourself comparing your basic life to the life of the rich and famous. 

Made in Mexico is streaming now on Netflix.

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