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Over the course of the game’s 25-year history, the Madden curse has pretty simple terms all things considered. Here's what we know.

What’s the story behind the Madden curse? Has it been broken?

Human beings are pattern seekers. That’s how most stories about curses get started. People see a pattern and go “well that’s not right”. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural is not the point. Maybe curses do or don’t exist. What is important is that when a group of people connected to something experience misfortune . . . it’s not entirely normal. 

Curses are usually attributed to the entertainment industry: films, television, music, and video games each have their own rumors of a curse around them. In terms of video games, this is where the Madden curse comes into play. Madden, for those who like sport games, are a series of video games about American football with the characters being IRL players.

And, apparently, people are saying there’s a curse on it. Here’s why.

What is the Madden curse?

Over the course of the game’s 25-year history, the Madden curse has pretty simple terms all things considered. For whatever player graces the cover of the latest edition of the game, misfortune will soon follow. And there are some solid and troubling stats to back this up as well.

16 out of the 22 players that have graced the cover of the games have had troubling or shortened seasons following their debut. In fact, some of them have had career-ending injuries. 

Yes, American football can be a rough sport all things considered. Players getting injured in the game is nothing new, and the players that grace Madden are some of the best. Of course, after peak performance some regression is expected, which is what detractors of the curse say.

Why are people saying that the Madden curse has been broken?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the cover athlete for Madden 20. And he’s been doing better than fine if we’re being frank here. He led his team to their first Super Bowl championship in 50 years. He won the MVP for his work in the game becoming the second African American player to do so. 

On top of this, Mahomes signed a contract worth so much money that’s kind of insane. So far as anyone has heard, there’s been no injury, illness, or even day of bad luck surrounding the guy since his appearance on the Madden 20 cover.

Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback to grace the cover of Madden 21, has also seemed to be doing pretty well so far. On the subject of the Madden curse, Jackson points to Mahomes winning the Super Bowl saying, “Patrick Mahomes is on the front and he won [Super Bowl] MVP. I want that curse. I hope that’s a curse.”

Granted, it’s one story of good luck out of 16 that ended poorly. Hopefully, Jackson does well in the 2020 season and the curse can be put to bed once and for all.

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