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Loveseats are popular furniture pieces that occupy millions of homes. Here's a quick rundown of the history of loveseats.

History of Loveseats

Sitting on a loveseat coped up in the arms of your spouse, you may be wondering where exactly did loveseats come from? That is actually an interesting question. Loveseats have a very interesting history and you’ll be surprised to know that loveseats have been in existence since the 17th century. 

Let’s Rewind…

It’s the year 1728, you just dressed up for the ball at Madame Hemmingway’s palace. You’re wearing an extravagant dress with hoops and an underskirt. You manage to sit on a chair but fail terribly. It’s not big enough! What must a poor soul do? 

That is when loveseats came into existence. Loveseats were originally used by women adorned in heavy dresses to sit down comfortably. Since single-seater sofa cum chairs were too small to contain extravagant dresses, a loveseat was the perfect size. The loveseats then were not what you can see now. Back then loveseats were un-upholstered and were plain old wooden seats. These seats were perfect for dressed up women as they could sit comfortably. 

Fast forward to the 19th Century

By then women’s fashion had changed drastically. Now they did not wear poofy big dresses instead donned body hugging dresses. When the fashion changed women soon realized that there was plenty empty space on the loveseat. Not only the women but the men too saw the vacant space and decided to crouch next to their love interests. This gave way to the idea that lovers can sit together on a loveseat. During the courting season, suitors and ladies could sit next to each other in close proximity without it being intrusive to their decency. 

The nameless couch now got its name, all thanks to the lovers of the 19th century. From then onwards loveseats became exclusively popular among the high class societies.  Soon enough it became a symbol for class and every other household wanted to own one. This gave a rise to demand and during the industrial revolution and loveseats were mass produced to meet demand. After that, almost every other household owned a loveseat. 

It is because of its popularity, the loveseat lost its purpose as bringing two lovers closer. It was instead treated as any other piece of furniture. These loveseats were decorated with frills and velvet covering as per the aesthetic of the household.

Loveseats in the 21st Century 

Loveseats are now a very common choice for people as they are very compact and have different designs which match with the minimalistic lifestyle today. You can now include these loveseats anywhere in your house  or apartment. Loveseats are a great addition to your living room as it can give you additional place to sit while balancing the space. Moreover, it is good to have seating space in your bedroom that is not your bed. This way you won’t have to ruin your bedding just to take a seat for a short while. Discover loveseats: You can find a great deal of variety suited for any room of your choice.

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