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We’ll have to wait a little longer until new episodes of 'Love Alarm' come our way. Here are more places for you to get your fix of the 'Love Alarm' cast.

Waiting for ‘Love Alarm’ season 2? Find the cast in these great shows

Love Alarm proved to be one of the best Korean dramas in 2019 and the new season can’t come soon enough! The story about young love in the time of technology captured our hearts and also introduced us to some up-and-coming Korean actors. 

We’ll have to wait a little longer until new episodes of Love Alarm come our way but we’ll bide our time by delving into the other shows the cast has appeared in. Though some cast members might be a little newer to the scene than others, there are a few early works for us to check out. 

Here are more places for you to get your fix of the Love Alarm cast. 

Kim So-hyun

As the star of Love Alarm, Kim So-hyun has been in a few more dramas before she was cast in the role of Kim Jo-jo. Kim So-hyun has had roles in substantial dramas such as While You Were Sleeping and Bring It On, Ghost

Her most recent lead roles included two historical dramas The Emperor: Owner of the Mask and the 2019 release, The Tale of Nokdu

Song Kang 

His role as the handsome model Hwang Sun-oh is actually the first lead character Song Kang has portrayed. He’s had a substantial role as supporting character Lucca in When the Devil Calls Your Name. His first film role was in Beautiful Vampire where he played the love interest of a 500-year-old vampire. 

Jung Ga-ram

Jung Ga-ram brought to life the character of Lee Hye-yeong in Love Alarm wonderfully though it was the first lead he’s had in a TV series. Jung Ga-ram has also appeared in the black comedy Heard It Through the Grapevine as well as in the thriller series Mistress

One of his more substantial roles was in a dramedy film called The Poet and the Boy which tells the story of a poet who falls in love with Jung Ga-ram as a donut shop boy. 

Z. Hera

Also known as Kim Jo-jo’s best friend in Love Alarm, Z. Hera has appeared on several high-profile dramas. She’s had roles on School 2017, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, and Youtube Premium’s Top Management

Shin Seung-ho 

Shin Seung-ho played the character of Il-sik, Kim Jo-jo’s ex-boyfriend in Love Alarm. Shin Seung-ho has had a substantial role as Nam Shi-woo in both A-TEEN and A-TEEN 2. He has also recently played in the webtoon inspired drama, How to Buy a Friend where he plays a teenager turned bodyguard.

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